Disable Screen Rotation on iPad

The screen rotation feature on iPad is very versatile and user friendly at most times. It allows iPad users to hold their tablets the way they prefer, either in portrait or landscape. The two screen modes, portrait or landscape, could be annoy sometimes. It is your device, if you want to stop iPad screen rotation, you can disable it.

The trick to turn off iPad screen rotation is the side button in iPad. It is the physical button on the side of iPad. This screen rotation lock button is just above the volume up and down button. Pressing screen lock button on side of iPad, the screen rotation will be ceased.

However one issue you are likely to face is that when you press the screen rotation button on iPad side, the screen is not locking, instead it mutes sound on iPad. Why iOS changes screen orientation lock button into mute volume button?

disable ipad rotation

Disable Screen Rotation on iPad

For iPad on iOS 6 and above, the side button is not dedicated to screen rotation lock. Instead iPad users can use the same button to mute iPad. It is a software update. On iOS 6 for iPad, you can go to switch between the two from Settings >> General >> Use Side Switch to:, ther are two options, Lock Rotation and Mute.

So to lock iPad screen rotation on iOS 6 and later versions, you need to switch it from mute to lock rotation from the settings, then press the side switch button to quickly prevent iPad screen rotation.