How to display lyrics on iPhone?

Want to display song lyrics while a song is playing using the default Music app on iPhone? It is actually extremely easy to show lyrics on iPhone. Tap to run Music app on iPhone, find and play the song, then tap the center section to reveal the song’s lyrics in Music app on iPhone.

display songs' lyrics in iPhone music app

Sometimes your songs or songs purchased in iTunes don’t come with the lyrics. In this case, you can find the lyrics online, run iTunes on your PC or Mac, right click and select “Get Info” from the pop-up context menu, switch from to Lyrics tab, then copy and paste lyrics into the comments section, click OK button to save the change. You can find more details from this guide to add lyrics to songs in iTunes.

add lyrics to songs in itunes

Then connect up your iOS device to computer via USB, transfer music from computer to iPhone iPad iPod, or sync song from PC to iPhone using iTunes. After that whatever you place in those comments will show up on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.