Display Skype Online Status on the Web

Skype offers the embedding codes to allow you easily add Skype buttons and links to your own websites and blogs. After you have added Skype to your site, however you may find your Skype online status is always Offline on your website even when you are online. If you have this trouble, check out below tips to enable and display Skype online status on websites.

skype for website

How to Display Skype Online Status on the Web?

The purpose of setting up Skype on websites is to encourage people to talk to you when they need further assistance or information while browsing your website. If your Skype status always displays as Offline, your site visitors may unwilling to click the Skype chat or call button on your site because they thought you were not online. It is a pain if you can add Skype chat or call buttons to website but can’t show your Skype online status. Here are the steps to enable Skype Online status and display it on your site.

  • Step 1. Run Skype client on your computer, log on your Skype account if not yet.
  • Step 2. Click Tools from the top menu bar, you will get a jump down menu list with an Options item.
  • Step 3. Click Options, then the options dialogue opens.
show skype online status on website
  • Step 4. Go to Privacy tab >> Privacy Settings, there will be an option ‘Allow my status to be shown on the web’, check to enable it and click Save button on the right bottom corner to save the change. The next time when you are online, your Skype online status will be shown on the web. You can also manually change status to offline then back online to see the update instantly on your websites. Now your Skype online status is publicly visible on websites.

By setting up Skype chat or call on your websites, so your customers or potentials customers can directly chat with your through Skype when they are browsing your site. Also if you travel a lot, or if you are not in the office often, you can install Skype on iPad, iPhone or other smartphones or tablets, so you can receive any Skype calls immediately or chat with your website visitors instantly through Skype for mobile. Skype is not only an instant messaging app or online chatting service, it can also help you a lot more with your business. For example, you can send product images, user manuals to your clients through Skype, you can make skype video calls and conference with your business parterns and many more. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, see how you can make Skype video call on iPad. If you use Skype for iPhone or iPad frequently, there is some chance you may have lost photos, videos or other files sent or received through Skype.