Dock floating panels in Adobe Audition CC

Adobe allows users to customize the workspace to suit their working style. For example, we can drag a panel around the program window to dock or undock it to other panels. To undock a panel is easy. Just click the menu after the panel title, and choose Undock Panel from the drop-down menu so the panel floats above the application window and other panels in the workspace. You can also grab the panel title part (header section) and move it outside of the workspace to make it a floating window. It is very intuitive.

Some people however may run into a problem with redock the floating panel in Adobe products. I was trying to join two audio clips into one using Audition, and can’t figure out how to redock a floating panel. When I close the window and reopen it from the “window” tab or restart the program, it becomes floating again. I don’t want to reset the workspace so as not to lose the whole customized layout.

How to dock a float panel in Adobe Audition CC?

To re-dock a floating or undocked panel in Adobe Audition is very easy, although not intuitive. When a panel becomes floating in a separate window, a white bar appears at the top of the panel with the close button at the top right corner. You can drag this white bar of a undocked panel to move it anywhere around the workspace. This simply moves a floating panel to a new location. To dock a floating panel in Adobe Audition CC and other Adobe products, you will need to click and drag the title part of the panel. When you drag a floating panel in this way, drop zones will appear and you can put floating window back to become docked again.

dock floating panel or window in adobe audition cc for windows

This method should also works with other Adobe products, like Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, After Effects, Photoshop.