Download audios, videos from websites for FREE

Need to download a video from the web for playback offline? Try right-click on the video see if you can find the option to save the video and most likely this traditional way does not work. Today, we will use the free file downloader, Neat Download Manager, to grab online videos and audios. It is designed to be simple, easy to use and respectful to hardware resources (CPU, Ram, Power , …). It is available for both Windows and Mac users. Best of all, users can integrate its browser extensions to automatically catch download links, detect all Video/Audio links on websites and download the media files easily.

Download and install the free media file downloader on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Then launch it. Hit the Browsers icon at the top right, you can then find the options to add the browser extension to Firefox , Chrome, MS Edge and other Chromium-based browsers ( Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, …)

Once you installed the browser extension, just play the online music, movie or video, it can then automatically detect the download links on the web page you browse.

neat download manager to download videos from web through Edge browser on PC

When you click on a download link, the download will start automatically. You will be presented with the download speed, download status, time remaining, file size, etc.

neat download manager to download online videos from internet

Once the download is complete, you will see a list of all downloaded files in Neat Download Manager. On Windows PC, videos, music and all other downloaded files will be saved to the default Downloads folder on your PC. You can however change it to another location from the software settings if like.

Neat Download Manager for Windows