Download iCloud Backup to iPhone

If you have enabled iCloud backup on iPhone, your data on iPhone will be automatically backed up to Apple iCloud server so you can restore iPhone from iCloud anytime you lost data on the phone. You can also download any data from iCloud backup to computer and transfer to any compatible smartphones, like iPhone, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus and so on. Normally the restore of iCloud to iPhone will erase any existing data on the phone. However this may cause data loss because you may have new data on iPhone that has not been uploaded to iCloud server yet. Also you may want to know what you have backed up on iCloud before you proceed to restore iPhone from it. Go back and check the guide above to extract iCloud backup to computer so you can see what you have on your iCloud account. By downloading iCloud to computer, we still need to sync the content back to iPhone through iTunes, contacts, SMS and notes recovery are the exceptions for now, see recover lost data to computer or iPhone for the details. Is there any way we can select and download any data or files from iCloud backup to iPhone directly? In this demo, we will be using a phone transfer to walk you through the easy proccess. You will be able to select any data in your iCloud account, such as photos, music, contacts, text messages, calendars and call logs from iCloud to iPhone directly. You can download only certain file types or all supported data from iCloud to iPhone. And you can choose not to delete or erase any exisiting data on iPhone during the restore.

How to Download and Restore iCloud Backup to iPhone?

Download the phone transfer tool below. It is free to download and try.

Run phone transfer on your computer, you will get a screen like below.
phone transfer

From the main interface of the mobile phone transfer software, click Restore From Backups from the top right section, you will find it allows you to restore phone from a variety of backups, such as iTunes backup, iCloud backup, Mobiletrans backup, BlackBerry backup, Samsung Kies backup, see screenshot below.

restore phone from backups

To download iCloud backup to iPhone, click iCloud icon, then you will be taken to a new screen like below.

restore phone from cloud

There are three columns as shown in above screen capture of the phone transfer tool. You can sign in iCloud using your Apple ID and password on the left. Then connect your iPhone, Android phone, like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo, Google Nexus, LG to computer through USB data cable comes with the phone. Check out this guide to download iCloud backup files to Android phones. The phone transfer will download your backup files from iCloud server when you signed in.

downloading icloud backup files

The downloading process of your iCloud backup files takes some time, especially when you have a lot of data saved on iCloud, such as photos. When you have downloaded iCloud backup data, you will get a screenshot as following.

restore icloud backup to iphone

You can download and restore any files from iCloud to iPhone, including Contacts, Text messages, Calendar, Call logs, photos, etc. Your existing files on iPhone will Not be erased by default. If you like to do that, you can check the option ‘Clear data before copy’ below your iPhone. Now download this phone transfer and start restore your iPhone from iCloud or iTunes backups.

Can I select any specific files from iCloud backup and restore to iPhone?

The advantage of above iCloud backup restore solution is obvious and however you can also find its disadvantages at the same time. For example it allows you to select specific file type so you can recover only contacts, or only SMS, but it does not allow you to select and recover specific contacts or text messages. So if you do not want to recover all files in a certain type or group, you still have to stick to the data recovery solution as mentioned at the first beginning of this guide to download any data from iCloud backup to computer and restore to iPhone. We have also launched detailed instructions for particular data recovery in earlier guides. You can recover deleted Reminders on iPhone, recover Facebook Messenger, retrieve lost WhatsApp messages, just to name a few.