Download and Install FFmpeg for ShareX

ShareX is a free screen capture software for Windows. It can help you take a screenshot or capture screen videos on your PC. If you try to record screen videos using its built-in screen recorder, you may be prompted to download FFmpeg first. FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play. There are different ways you can download and configure FFmpeg for ShareX on your Windows computer.
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Automatically download ffmpeg in ShareX

Run ShareX on your PC, go to Capture >> Screen Recording.

sharex capture screen recording for windows

If you get the ffmpeg.exe missing error, asks you to download ffmpeg automatically, click “Yes” to let ShareX download it for you.

sharex missing ffmpeg and install ffmpeg

Automatically download ffmpeg from ShareX screen recorder options

Run ShareX, click Task settings >> Screen recorder >> Screen recorder options >> FFmpeg path >> Download.

Download and install ffmpeg on Windows PC manually

You can also manually download it from this link on to your PC. Install it on your computer, then copy “ffmpeg.exe” to the folder as specified in the missing ffmpeg.exe error message when trying to do a screen recording.

If you have installed ffmpeg already in a different path, and you do not want to move it, then go to ShareX >> Task settings >> Screen recorder >> Screen recorder options >> FFmpeg path, select Use custom path, manually copy and paste the complete path to the ffmpeg.exe file in the box below FFmpeg path, or click the Browse button (Ellipsis) to select the folder where the ffmpeg.exe is saved in.

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