Download and Install Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech Gaming Software lets you customize functions on Logitech gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and select wheels. For example, if you are using Logitech Driving Force Racing Wheel such as G25, G27, or G29, you need to install Logitech Gaming Software on your PC in order to use these Driving Force wheels on your PC. Without Logitech gaming software installed on your PC, you will find some Logitech gaming devices can’t be recognized or detected by your games and you can’t control Logitech gaming devices from the games.

You can download Logitech gaming software from Logitech official site through this direct link.

download logitech gaming software

The latest version of Logitech gaming software is listed at the top of above page. At the lower section you can find previous Logitech gaming software versions. You need to download the version which works for your Logitech gaming device. For example, Logitech G29 racing wheel and G920 driving force racing wheel are the latest driving force devices released in 2015, you need to download the latest version. As of now the latest Logitech gaming software is version: 8.74.80, post date Sep 20, 2015. If you are using an older Logitech gaming device, such as the Driving Force EX, Driving Force GT, Driving Force Pro, G25 Racing Wheel, G27 Racing Wheel, the latest Logitech gaming software does not work with them. You can find it out from the downloads section of the specific product page on Logitech website.

logitech gaming software installation

The downloading of Logitech gaming software may take a while. After that run Logitech gaming software installer on your computer to start the installation process. There is not much you can do in the installation of Logitech gaming software, as it does not offer us many customization options. In the current version of Logitech gaming software, we did not even find the option to choose installation folder or directory. The first step allows us to select installation language. You do not need to switch location or countries or choose a language when you download the Logitech gaming software. And you will not have the choice to change language of Logitech gaming software. The only choice you can choose Logitech gaming software language is at the first step of Logitech gaming software installation. Select your preferred language and proceed to complete the installation of this software on your PC.

installing Logitech gaming software on pc

When you have installed Logitech gaming software on PC, you have to restart your computer before you can connect your Logitech device to computer through USB and use the Logitech gaming software to manage your device. Do you want to drive using the City Car Drive game? Check out this guide to set up City Car Drive 3D Instructor game for Logitech G29 wheel. We will come up with more articles introducing this Logitech gaming software and how you can change or customize your Logitech gaming devices with it on your computer soon. Stay tuned!


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    1. is the racing console properly connected? G29 racing wheel has the USB plug which you can use to connect up Logitech G29 and computer. you need to connect Logitech G29 with computer via the USB plug. On the Logitech G29 wheel, you also have other three cable, one for Driving Force Shifter, one for floor pedal unit, one for power.

  1. I installed LGS and it can’t find my new G29 – It seems my KB, Mouse and G13. It can see the wheel in PS3 mode but not PS4 mode.

    1. Yes, City Car driving game requires the Logitech gaming software to be installed on your computer. It is very interesting game to play!

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