Download iPhone Backup from iCloud to Computer

Want to recover iPhone backup manually from iCloud? For example, when you lost your iPhone without a local backup on PC or Mac and you do not plan to buy a new iPhone, how can you download your iPhone backups from iCloud to computer. Can you recover iPhone data from iCloud backup without an iPhone? Check out instructions see how to download iPhone backup from iCloud to computer and extract the data from iCloud backup to your PC or Mac. We will be using Dr. Fone, the world’s first iOS data recovery software and still the best in the market. It can help you recover iPhone iPad data from the iOS devices directly, or extract data from iTunes backup, iCloud backups for iPhone iPad. Now download the iCloud backup extractor on to your PC or mac and follow steps below.

Download iPhone Backup from iCloud to Computer

Step 1. Run iPhone Recovery Software

From the top section of the iPhone recovery software, you can find three recovery options:


recover iphone ipad data from icloud backup

Choose recovery from iCloud backup files, then you will be prompted to sign in iCloud using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Select iPhone Backups from iCloud & Download to Computer

Once you signed in your iCloud account, you will find all available iPhone backups you have made before. You can find your iPhone name, backup date, file size, iOS version, iCloud account and the download link of each iPhone backup on Apple iCloud server.

download iphone backup from icloud to computer

Select the iPhone backup you want and click the download button to download it from iCloud to computer. You will then see a pop-up dialogue as below.

choose file types to download from icloud

Recover data from iPhone iCloud Backup to computer

Once the iPhone backup files on iCloud has been downloaded to your computer, the iPhone recovery software can scan the backup file from iCloud, files and data will be grouped into different categories, such as photos & videos, messages & call log, memos & others, see below screenshot.

recover iphone icloud backup to computer


How do I recover iPhone backup in iCloud without an iPhone? This issue becomes clear now.  It is your personal data after all, without an iPhone, you should still be able to access, download it. There are a lot of files in different types or formats can be downloaded and recovered from iCloud server. Now you can select and recover any file from iCloud backup to your computer. If like, you can transfer the extracted files from computer to your iPhone iPad iPod again, using iTunes or another iOS transfer tool. See some iPhone iPad transfer guide below:

Select and Recover any files from iCloud backup to iPhone directly

Some data contained in your iCloud backup file can not only be extracted from iCloud to computer but also exported from iCloud to your iPhone directly. Unlike normal iCloud restore, you also have the freedom or ability to select any specific data in iCloud backup and restore them to iPhone.
recover data to computer or ios device
You can find out more details here: Recover Lost Data to iPhone or Computer.

2 thoughts on “Download iPhone Backup from iCloud to Computer”

  1. Hello Sir,
    I have downloaded all the softwares which allows us to recover backed up watsapp data from icloud.In icloud there are datas showing as backups but in Dr.Fone the latest updated backup datas are not visible or not able to find.
    However,When i sign in with another apple id the same apps are showing latest bacpup datas.
    Why is tat so i am not able to recover datas from the first apple id?

    Please help me

    1. Do you use the two Apple ID on different iOS devices that are running on different iOS versions?
      Do you mean you can not find any backups using the first Apple account? Sometimes screenshots may illustrate the issue better, so you may also consider sending us some screenshots through email.

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