Download iPhone Bookmarks from iCloud to computer

apple icloudiCloud saves a lot of data from our iPhone. You can back up important files and data such as photos, messages, contacts, call history, calendar, reminders, notes from iPhone to iCloud. But do you know how to selectively download data from iCloud to your computer other than restore the whole iCloud backup to your iPhone? We find to download certain files from iCloud to computer is especially useful when you do not want to restore your iPhone, but want to extract data from iCloud backup to computer. For example you can download Safari bookmarks from iCloud to computer, so you can transfer these saved bookmarks from iPhone to computer. In earlier guides, we have introduced the iPhone data recovery software which can help iOS users recover lost data from iOS device and extract data from iTunes backup on computers. This tool can also help you recover data from iCloud backup as well. For instance, you can download photos from iCloud to computer, not only photos taken using your iPhone camera and saved in the Camera Roll, but also some app photos like whatsApp photos, Skype photos, and more. You can download contacts from iCloud to computer as well. In this guide, we will show you the easy steps to download bookmarks from iCloud to computer. Similar to other data type downloading, we will be using the same iPhone data recovery for this task. You can download it now if not yet.

How to Download Bookmarks from iCloud to computer?

Bookmarks saved on iPhone and iPad that have been backed up to iCloud server can be downloaded on to your PC or Mac computers following below instructions.

Firstly run this iOS data recovery program and switch to iCloud recovery mode from the top section of this software. You can then log on your iCloud account using your Apple ID and its password, see below screenshot.

recover iphone ipad data from icloud backup

Once you have logged iCloud account, you will then find a list of available iCloud backup files you have made before. If you can’t find any, it means you have not yet backed up your iOS device to iCloud. Some data may be found in one icloud backup not the other. As iCloud simply backs up the current content on your device. Some files may be saved in one iCloud backup, then get deleted thus can’t be found in later iCloud backups. Choose the iCloud backup file, you will then have the option to select file types to downoad.

choose file types to download from icloud

By default all supported file types will be checked so you can download all content from iCloud to computer. To speed up the downloading, you can select the file types you would like to download and disable other files types. In this case, we are going to download Safari bookmarks from iCloud to computer, so we will just choose and enable Safari Bookmark downloading.

download icloud backup files to computer

The downloading of iCloud content to computer may take a while. Do not stop it during the process. Once you have finished download iCloud backup to computer, you will be taken to a screen like below.

Download iPhone Bookmarks from iCloud to computer

Now you can preview the data downloaded from iCloud to PC or Mac. The left side displays all the file types in different categories. The downloaded bookmarks from iCloud can be found under the Memos & Others section >> Safari Bookmarks. You can open to view bookmark title and URLs. You can export any or all bookmarks from your browser on iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer. If you can’t find some browser bookmarks, you can also refer to this guide to recover lost Safari bookmarks on iPad iPhone.