Download iPhone Contacts from iCloud to computer

Thanks to iCloud, now you can easily back up iPhone contacts from your mobile phone to Apple cloud server. iCloud offer another way to back up and restore your iOS device. It is a great alternative to iTunes backup and restore. Unlike iTunes backups, you can export iPhone contacts from iCloud to computer directly. For iTunes backups, you will need to use a program to export contacts from iTunes backup file to computer. Downloading contacts from iCloud to computer can be done easily, requires no software tools. Note that if you deleted contacts on iPhone or reset your phone and lost contacts on the phone, you can actually follow this guide to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Instead of downloading downloading contacts from iCloud, you can also extract contacts from iTunes backup like we have mentioned above, you can even recover lost contacts on iPhone directly.

How to Download iPhone Contacts from iCloud to computer?

Visit on your web browser, sign in using your Apple username and its password.

sign in to icloud

Then click the Contacts icon, you can then open and access all your iPhone contacts saved in iCloud server. On the bottom left corner, there will be a small gear icon, you can click to open the Settings menu. See below screenshot.

download contacts from icloud to computer

You can select any contacts in iCloud backup and click the Export vCard… link to download the selected contacts from iCloud to your computer. You can also hit the Select All at first to download all contacts from iCloud to PC or Mac. You iPhone contacts will be exported from iCloud and saved on your computer as VCF file. You can then import the contacts to other phones, like Android, Samsung, Nokia and more, see how to transfer VCF contacts to iPhone or VCF contacts to Android if you are using Samsung, LG, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, etc.

iPhone iCloud Backup & Download Tips

You can’t download many other data, like photos, text messages, voicemail, notes, from iCloud in the same way as outlined above.Check out this guide you will know how to download any files and data from iCloud backup to computer.

Before you can back up your content from iPhone to iCloud, you need to enable iCloud backup on iPhone. Open Settings app on iPhone, go to iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID and password, enable Contacts backup on iCloud from there.

Another promiment benefit of iCloud backup is that, it does not consume any storage or space on your iPhone or computer. Unlike iTunes backups that may require a lot of storage on your PC, thus you need to delete outdated iTunes backups on computer to free up space.

You can not only download iPhone backups from iCloud to computer, but also download backups from iCloud to iPhone, or download iCloud backups to Android phones.