Download iPhone Reminders from iCloud to Computer

Reminders save a lot of important events in our daily life and work. Sometimes you may want to have a copy of your reminders sent from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer, especially those completed to-dos, tasks, works. In an earlier guide we demonstrated how you can recover reminders from iPhone to computer. If you have read that guide you already know how to transfer existing reminders from iPhone iPad to computer and recover deleted or lost reminders from iPhone iPad or iTouch. Today we wil introduce another way you can get back lost reminders or transfer reminders from iOS device to computer. You can actually download reminders from iCloud to computer just like we download any iCloud backup files to computer before.

How to download reminders from iCloud to computer?

You need an iCloud downloder in order to load off the content from iCloud server to your computer. Apple iCloud saves a lot of your personal files and data, but offers very limited tools to allow you directly download your own backups from iCloud. The only exception for now is the contacts. For your iPhone iPad contacts synced or backed up to iCloud, you can directly access them from a desktop browser, export and download contacts from iCloud to computer directly. You can’t accomplish reminders downloading without the proper tool though. Go to download the iPhone recovery software for Mac or PC below.

Install and run this iPhone file recovery program on your computer. You will get a screen like below.

ios data recovery software

From the top section of this iPhone recovery application, you can find options to recover data from iPhone iPad iPod, recover data from iTunes backup and recover data from iCloud backup. Now switch to the iCloud recovery mode. You can then log on your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

recover iphone ipad data from icloud backup
Continue to sign in your iCloud, you can then find all your backup files in iCloud, not only your latest iCloud backup but also previous backups saved in your iCloud account. You will also have the chance to select what kind of files you like to download from iCloud to computer. This iOS data recovery software is powerful enough to download almost all your data contained in iCloud backups, such as photos, messages, contacts, call history, notes, calenders, reminders and more. For example you can refer to this guide to download photos from iCloud to computer. By default, all supported files types will be checked so you can go straight to download them all. However if you can only enable Reminders downoading while disable other file types, you can speed up the downloading. Once you have finished downloading iPhone iPad or iPod touch Reminders from iCloud to computer, you will be able to preview them. See below screenshot.

download iphone reminders from icloud to computer

From above screenshot, you can go to the left menu to find ‘Memos & others‘ and open ‘Reminders‘ category, then all your reminders downloaded from iCloud to be displayed in the main section of this iOS data recovery program. You can see reminder titles, list, status, data. Click on a certain reminder, you will open the selected reminder to view its details on the right column.

Not only existing reminders can be downloaded from iCloud, those deleted reminders can also be downloaded and recovered. Reminders that have been deleted will be highlighted as red with a trash icon in front of them. Select any reminders, existing or deleted, then click the Recover button on the bottom right corner to save them on your computer hard drive.