Download Videos from Dropbox to iPad

You can download videos directly from Dropbox to iPad, iPad mini or iPad air. You firstly upload videos from other devices or computers to Dropbox. Then run Dropbox on iPad and find the uploaded video on iPad through Dropbox and download videos from Dropbox to iPad or iPad mini.

Download Videos from Dropbox to iPad or iPad mini

Dropbox works the same on both iPhone and iPad. We will be using the screenshots of Dropbox on an iPhone in following instructions. There will be just two steps to download videos from Dropbox to iPad.

Step 1. Share Dropbox on iPad

save video from dropbox to iPad

Run the Dropbox app on iPad. Go to find the video you like to export in Dropbox. Tap the Share button at the upper right corner.

Step 2. Download Dropbox video to iPad

downloading video from dropbox to iPad camera roll

When you have tapped on the Share button, you will bring up all the share options at the lower section of your iPad screen, including sending Dropbox videos through message, email, publishing Dropbox videos to Twitter, Facebook and so on. To download Dropbox videos to iPad, choose the Save Video option.

Download Videos from Dropbox to iPad — for earlier Dropbox versions

If you are using an old Dropbox version on iPad, you will find that the share button is grayed out within Dropbox app for iOS. Here comes the the trick to download videos from Dropbox to iPad. You must favorite the video selected by tap on the Favorite icon in the Dropbox for iPad, then you will notice that both the favorite and share button are ready for use. See below figure.

Download Videos from Dropbox to iPad

Now click on the Share button in Dropbox, you will see options as Save to Photo Library and Open in ….. You can now download the video from Dropbox to iPad by tapping on the Save to Photo Library. It is the simple act of favouriting in Dropbox for iPad begins a download process you barely notice. You can also refer to this guide see how to download Dropbox videos to Camera Roll on iOS devices.

Do you have any videos on your computer need to upload to iPad? A cable or iTunes can’t help. The free file sharing app, Dropbox, is your best choice to transfer videos from computer to iPad. Personally I download many videos from Dropbox to iPhone using this method and highly recommend it to anyone want to send videos from comptuer to iPad without iTunes or cable, but just Wi-Fi connection.

Tips about iPad video transfer

You can download Dropbox videos to iPad, but there will be a data allowance. If you reach the cap in a given period, you will have to wait until the next period of time or you can upgrade to paid service for more quota. For bulk video transfer you’d better to transfer them in installments. Alternatively you can refer to this tutorial about free file transfer from computer to iPad. You will be able to copy files like photos, videos, books, music from PC to iPad for free.