Dozer for Mac

Dozer is a simple and free application that lets you select, hide or show app icons in menu bar on Mac. Dozer for Mac can keep a few icons visible while hiding the unnecessary ones. And users can reveal the hidden icons easily anytime they want.

When you launch the Dozer app, you will see two dots in the menu bar. Move the dot(s) in the menu bar to choose which apps to show or hide. Any app icons at the left side of the left dot can be hidden; app icons between the two dots and right to the right dot will be kept and displayed on the top menu bar.

Once you have hidden your menu bar apps, only the tiny dot icon will be visible. However, you can reveal the hidden icons easily, with just one click on the desired icon.


This is a free, open source app. You can Download Dozer for Mac for free here.

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