Dr. Fone is a data rescue for Android and iOS devices

Dr. Fone is one of a kind file rescue for mobiles, including Android mobile phone and tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod. Want to get back your lost data on Android or iOS devices: photos, videos, contacts, MSM messages and more?

Dr. Fone is the desktop software that helps you to do so. It gives you the last chance to recover deleted or lost files on your smartphones and tablets. When a file was removed from your cell phone or tablet, it will not be completely deleted until it is overwritten by new files. Deleting a file may just hide the file so you cannot see it. When a proper data recovery tool for your smartphone or tablet device, you can get the deleted files back.
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How to use Dr. Fone for Android or iOS?

You can download the Dr. Fone for Android Windows version here. iPhone, iPad, iPod users can download Dr. Fone for iOS both Windows and Mac versions here. After installing the software on your Mac or PC, users can use Dr. Fone for iOS to scan their computer for iTunes backups. If any iTunes back up files found, it can directly extract data from the backup file to your computer. If you have backup files in your iCloud account, you can sign in your iCloud account from the Dr. Fone for iOS application, then export files and data from an online backup with iCloud. You can even retrieve data without any backups.

To recover data when no backups are available, connect up your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other Android devices to your computer. The Dr. Fone for Android or iOS can scan your mobile device, then display what it can find in the result pages, you can search the results, browse through them, preview the files, then recover the files you need from smartphones or tablets to your computer, or even to the appropriate apps on your mobile devices.

To recover a lost file, such as a photo, a video or else, select its category from the left menu pane, which opens up all files in this group or category on the middle column where you can search for the deleted or lost file. Photos and videos will be displayed with thumbnails so your can preview them easily and determine which is the right file you want to get back. For other file types, you may click on them in the middle column, then a new column opens on the right with more details. By default all files will be selected so you can quickly recover all files in the same file type or under same category. You can also choose to recover selected or highlighted files to recover only specific file(s).

Once a file has been selected, and you clicked the recover button on the bottom right corner, a new screen will pop up where you can choose where to export the file to. You can select any folder on your computer hard disk to save the files from your smartphone or tablet.

Once you are happy with the files exported from smartphone or tablet, you can save them on your computer or transfer them back to your smartphone or tablet from your computer. It is your choice.

Final thoughts

Dr. Fone for Android and iOS might not be the only tool to help you retrieve data from your backup files. For example, iTunes can also restore its backup files to your iPhone or iPad. However, this tool has the unique function to scan your mobile device, both internal memory and SD cards, to help get back lost or deleted files. This is very creative feature, it could be the last resort to recover or rescue your data.

You can download Dr. Fone for Android and iOS for free from below links.

Download Dr. Fone for Android Windows version.
Download Dr. Fone for iOS — Windows and Mac versions

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