Edit music tags on Android phones

quotation markI downloaded some songs on to my Samsung phone and I know how to change the music information on a computer using a media player. I was just wondering how to modify the music tags on the phone directly without using a computer.

Music tags, like titles, artists, albums, covers, album artists, are strings of metadata attached to the audio files. They are readable using media players. The Android OS however does not support music tags editing natively. If you like to edit the music info on the phone, you will need a music tag editor or a MP3 tag editor app. There are a few free tag editors in the Android market. You can try iTag. It is a free download in many Android market. This free music info editor app works for all major Android powered smartphones, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc. It supports MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC editing. This free music editor app for Android can automatically fetch all missing album cover, and support ID3v1, ID3v23, and ID3v24. Apple users can refer to this guide to edit music tags on iPhone using a professional iOS device content manager.

Run this free music tags editor app on your Android phone, it will scan your media files automatically. Tap “Songs” to browse through the song list or switch to the “Album” category to find songs by albums. If your music codec or type is not supported, or you can’t find the music songs in the music tags editor, you need to convert the source audios to one of the compatible format as mentioned above. We highly recommend the MP3 audio format which is compatible with almost all devices, music players. In earlier posts, we also have this issue covered. For example, following guide shows you how to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3; Samsung record audios and save them as 3GA, you can follow these steps to convert Samsung voice recordings to MP3. Tap the song you want to edit the music tags for, the Edit screen opens like this.

edit music tags on android mobile phone using itag free music tag editor app

Tap on any field you want to edit, including cover picture, track title, artist, album, album artist, genre or year. When you finished editing the music information, scroll up to the top and tap Save icon to save the changes to the music track.