How to Embed Flash in Facebook Page?

How to embed flash in facebook page? In this flash to Facebook guide, we will show you steps to Embed SWF in a Facebook Fan Page and steps to embed a Flash FLV Video in a Facebook Fan Page.

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How to Embed SWF in Facebook Fan Page

Flash SWF to Facebook

Facebook does not support Flash’s SWF format. You cannot upload a Flash SWF to Facebook Fan Page, like other video types such as mp4, flv, 3gp, avi, wmv, etc. Flash Flv video is supported by Facebook, not Flash SWF video. Also many Flash video uploading / hosting / sharing websites or service support only the Flash FLV videos other than Flash SWF, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You can refer to this guide and see how to convert all kinds of videos to Facebook video format. Upload the Flash SWF to your website/blog is your best choice if you have your own hosting. Most hosting companies support Flash SWF files on their web hosting servers as Flash SWF is one of the most important elements for building attractive and interactive websites.

Steps to Embed SWF in a Facebook Fan Page

 How to Embed Flash in Facebook Page

1. Add Static HTML Facebook app to your Facebook fan page

There are different FB app can help you create static HTML pages. Basically you can add FBML or iFrames app to your Facebook page. (If you wan to know more about the difference between FBML and iFrames, scroll down to the page bottom)

Here we recommend the Static FBML which is very easy to set up even for beginners. To add FBML tabs, you need log on to your FB account, then switch to use FB as page, click bellow links to create corresponding FBML tabs for your FB page.


2. Upload Flash SWF files on to your own hosting through FTP

3. Add Flash embed code to your FBML

a. Log on to your FB account, switch to use FB as page;

b. Click “Edit Page” to go to your apps page, where you can see your FB applications.

c. Click “Edit” to open and edit the FBML app.

d. Add Flash embed code to your FBML. A sample code as bellow:

swfsrc=’ ‘
width=’400’ height=’300’ />

Replace the above two URLs with your own links to your flash swf file and image file. Click “Save changes” and you are done.

SWF files are initially inactive. Your FB page visitors must click on the SWF in order to activate and play your Flash SWF on FB. You can define an image file in the FBML code that displays a static image and prompts your visitor it is a clickable Flash video you can click on to initialize the SWF file display. That’s why we have include the ‘imgsrc’ attribute in the above embed code for Facebook.

You may refer to bellow URLs for more:

How to Embed a Flash FLV Video in a Facebook Fan Page

–  Flash FLV to Facebook

Embed a Flash video in FLV format into a Facebook fan page is relative easy compared to the embedding of a Flash SWF file.

Steps to Embed a Flash FLV Video in a Facebook Fan Page

1. Upload the Flash FLV video to a free video-hosting website, such as YouTube or Vimeo. You can also upload it to your own hosting or websites.

2. Log in to your Facebook account.

3. Switch to your Facebook page.

4. Click the “Link” button at the top of the FB wall, right-click inside the field and paste the URL to your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Select the “Attach” button, type a descriptive message into the blank field, click “Share” to embed the FLV video within the page.

What’s the Difference Between Facebook FBML And iFrames?


FBML was regular HTML with a few Facebook tags that allowed you to customize tabs. That’s it. But it seems Facebook wants to move from FBML to iframes, so they moved FBML from tabs.


FB iFrames are “frames” or windows inside a web page that allow FB users to bring external elements, pages, even website.

Through iFrame, you can literally build a website on your own server and then call it from your FB page and display it inside a Facebook Page.

Now you know how to embed flash in facebook pages, both Flash SWF and Flash FLV videos.