Enable Developer Options & USB debugging on Huawei phone

Huawei has surpassed Apple as the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer. Huawei phone is easy to use out of the box. For average users, we do not need to configure anything technical. Huawei phones are feature rich and have almost everything we expect from a smartphone. For advanced Huawei users, Android developers, there are lots of hidden features in the Developer Options. As its name implies, these features are mainly for developers.  One of the most well-known Android developer features is USB Debugging. Non-developers may also need to enable this feature when they want to root their Huawei device, install custom ROM, manage their Huawei phone using third party phone managers that you run from your desktop. 

In this quick guide, we will use a Huawei Nova which is running Android 8 to demonstrate how Huawei users can activate Developer Options and turn on USB debugging on their Huawei mobile phone. Note that enabling Developer options or USB debugging on different Huawei mobile phones or other Android powered smartphones involves a similar process. Check out following tutorials to activate Developer Options on Xiaomi phone, and these steps to turn on USB debugging on Xiaomi & Redmi phones, just to name a few.

Enable Developer Options on Huawei mobile

Launch the Settings on your Huawei mobile phone. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on System.

Huawei mobile phone settings

In the System screen, you can find About phone, system update, system navigation, language & input, date & time and many other options.

activate developer options huawei mobile phones

Choose About phone, locate the Build number, then tap on it 7 times successively until you see a pop-up message saying ‘You are now a developer’ at the bottom of your phone screen.

Turn on USB debugging on Huawei phone

As we mentioned above, USB debugging is one of the most commonly used options of the Developer Options on Android devices. We can find and enable it from the Developer Options menu. Go back to the System screen on Huawei phone, you can now find the Developer Options entry. Open it, scroll down a bit until you reach the DEBUGGING section where you can find the USB debugging option. Touch the toggle to turn it on, you will get a warning which tells you what USB debugging can be used for, whether you should enable it. Confirm it by touching the OK button to complete.

enable usb debugging huawei mobile phones

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  1. My Huawei Pro P20 is on the list of compatible devices for the Square Reader eptos device.
    However when I go to disable the developer it will not stay in ‘off” mode instead flick back to “on”. My other phone which is a Samsung had no problems with keeping Developer off.
    Can this issue be resolved? Can I uninstall Developer and if so what problems would I encounter.

    Regards Ross

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