Enable & Disable Location Service on iPhone iPad

GPSLocation Services are the GPS features on iPhone iPad and iPod touch. It does not only help you get driving direction, but a lot more. For example, by sharing our location information, you can find movies, restaurants, places, taxi or even people nearby. You can share your location in Apple maps or iMessage on iPhone to keep connected with your friends and family more easier. There are a lot of iOS apps make use of our location info to provide us more personalized service. Location services on iPhone iPad can enhance the user experience greatly with many apps developed to serve people in their lives. See this guide to share your location info using Wechat on mobile phones with your family or friends.

By removing or disable location service features, you will lost a lot of useful functionality from the iPhone or iPad. Not only the App system apps but also third party apps may require the access to your location service. There are numerous apps on Apple App Store want to track your location for a variety purposes. Thus many iPhone users are worrying about their privacy and the sensitive information. In order to protect your privacy and safety, do not just allow any apps to get your location info. You can go to the Settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to control over which apps can access what information on the iOS device and when.

Enable & Disable Location Service on iPhone iPad

In this demo, we will be using an iPhone to show you how to enable location service on iPhone and disable location service on iPhone. However you can also follow these steps to activate location services on iPad, iPod touch or turn off location service on your iOS devices. If you are an Android or Samsung user, you can refer to this guide to turn on GPS and location services on Samsung mobile.

Tap to launch the Settings app on your iPhone screen, you will find a Privacy item which allows iOS users to control which apps can access what information saved on your iPhone and when.

access privacy settings on iPhone
Choose Privacy from above screenshot, you will open the Privacy settings screen as following. You can find not only location service, but also any other private data, such as contacts, photos, camera, reminders, calendars and many more. You can control how these personal data can be used by iOS apps on your phone. Location Services is at the top of the Privacy list.
iphone privacy settings
Tap on Location Services, you can then open the detailed Location Services settings screen as shown in below figure. If you like to completely close or disable location services iPhone iPad, simply slide it to off at the upper section of the screen. You can also restrict the access to your location information to certain apps on iPhone. Firstly turn on Location service on iPhone, then go to grant the access to location service to specific iPhone app from the app list at the lower section of this screen.
enable disable location service on iphone
From above screen, you can find all iPhone apps that want to track your location information. You can optionally enable or disable location service on iPhone for certain apps. When some app on your iPhone is tracking your location, you can see the icon for Location Services appears on the Status Bar of your iPhone screen. So if you found the Location Services icon on your iPhone screen when you are not using any apps would require your location info, you should double check above location services settings on iPhone and turn off location services for those apps you do not want to share the info with. Also by turnning on location services for many iPhone apps, you will find your battery to drain much faster. That’s another reason why you should disable location services on iPhone especially when you are on a trip. See more tips to save iPhone battery here.