Enable HDB on Huawei phone

HiSuite is the smart Android device manager from Huawei. Huawei phone users can use this free software to manage data on their phone, backup their phone to computer, update their system on the phone, etc. Before you use this Huawei phone assistant manager on a desktop computer to manage the mobile device, you will need to enable HDB on the mobile phone or turn on USB Debugging on Huawei mobile device. For Android developers, USB Debugging is usually the better option to go. For most non tech savvy who does not want to tweak those advanced settings in Developer Options, we can simply activate HDB on Huawei mobile in order to use HiSuite to manage our device from a PC or Mac. It is easier to set up and more secure to use. Follow below simple steps to turn it on your device.

Unlock Huawei phone screen, open Settings, choose Security & privacy. Scroll down to the bottom, touch More to expand more options beneath. You can then find the Allow HiSuite to use HDB. Touch the on/off toggle to activate it so you can connect your device  and computer without the use of USB Debugging mode on Huawei phone.

allow HiSuite to use HDB on Huawei mobile phone

If you do not want to use HiSuite to manage data on your phone any more, you can revoke HiSuite’s HDB authorisations on the Huawei phone. 

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