Enable iCloud Backup for Reminders on iPhone

ios remindersReminders is an essential app for iOS. Many iPhone users rely on reminders. We have several articles about how to use reminders and recover reminders that have been deleted either from iCloud or iOS devices. Since then, we received some emails from our audiences and we found that some iPhone users can’t recover reminders from iCloud due to the local settings on iPhone. In order to view reminders on iCloud.com from a web browser or recover deleted reminders from iCloud, you have to enable iCloud backup for Reminders on iPhone in advance. Otherwise you should consider other data recovery options, such as restore iPhone from iTunes backup if any or follow this tutorial to recover deleted reminders from iPhone iPad when there is no backup made before. For your reference in the future, here is how you can turn on iCloud backup for Reminders on iPhone.

Tap to open Settings on iPhone, then choose iCloud from the list. You will be prompted to sign in using your Apple ID if not yet. Once you have enable iCloud backup on iPhone, you can choose which file types or data you want to back up from iPhone to Apple iCloud server. Find and enable Reminders backup to iCloud from there, see below screenshot.
enable reminders icloud backup on iphone
Once you have enable reminders backup to iCloud, go to manually back up iPhone to iCloud in Settings so you can log on your iCloud account and view your Reminders from any web browser on your PC or Mac computer. You can also wait for sometime until iCloud automatically create a backup of your content on iPhone and upload to your iCloud account.