Enable iPad screen auto-lock

We recommend anyone with important data saved on their iPad activate the screen lock password so others can’t access your private data or use your iPad without authorization. Other than that the screen auto-lock feature is also necessary. Although you can simply press the power button to instantly lock iPad screen, sometimes however you may forget to manually lock the iPad screen. Note that the auto-lock feature can’t only protect your private data on iPad, but also save you more battery on iPad. To activate iPad screen auto-lock or change the display timeout settings, you can follow below steps.

How to enable iPad screen auto-lock or change the timing?

Tap on Settings on iPad, tap on General, then select Auto-lock, you will then see the iPad auto-lock timing settings screen like below.

ipad screen auto-lock time settings

Here you can disable iPad auto-lock, simply choose Never auto-lock iPad from above screen. To enable iPad auto-lock, choose a timing for the auto-lock, such as 2 min, 5 min, 10 min or 15 min. You can also change your auto-lock time to a longer or shorter period from this settings screen on iPad. If you are using an iPhone, the process to auto lock its screen is the same, you can see more details from this iPhone screen auto-lock guide.