Enable Reader View in Safari on iPhone iPad

safari iconAre you tired of the online ads? Don’t want videos to play automatically when browsing the web? A lot of websites are inundated with various types of advertisements that distract us from what we may actually be interested in on the page. This is the place where the Reading View feature in modern browsers comes to help. On iPhone iPad, the default web browser, Safari, also comes with this great feature. In this article, we will show you how to enter the Reader View mode in Safari, the stock web browser on iPhone and iPad.

How to enable Reader View on iPhone iPad?

Launch the stock browser on iPhone and visit a website or web page using it. When you load the website or page, you may see “Reader View Available” in the address bar. Once the page are fully loaded, you will find the Reader View icon at the very left end of the Safari address bar. If it is not there, it means the reader view mode is not available for the website.

To enter Reading View in Safari on iPhone, tap on the Reader View button. After that you will have the options of change font style, color, page background color. See below screenshot.

safari reader view iphone

To change how the page looks like in the Reader View mode on iPhone, tap the A’s on the right of the address bar in Safari browser. A drop-down menu shows up over the page. Tap the smaller A to reduce font size, the bigger A to increase font size in the Reader View. Tap to change background color for the page among white, beige, gray, or black. At the lower section of this drop-down menu, you can find and change different font types in the Safari Reader View mode.

Save web pages as PDF files on iPhone

In an earlier article about downloading web pages as PDF on iPhone, we discussed how you can save web pages for offline reading using Safari. If you could turn on Reader view mode in advance, the website pages will be saved as clean PDF files without ads, banner, menu or other annoying content.

Quit Reading View in Safari for iOS

To exit Reading View and return to your standard browsing session in Safari on iPhone or iPad, simply tap the Reader View button a second time.