Enable Safari Developer Tools on Mac

Do you want to know how your website looks like on various browsers or devices? Modern web browsers have the developer tools you can use to ensure your website works well with all web browsers without the need to download extra web browsers. If you are on a Mac, the default web browser Safari also has the developer tools. They are however hidden by default. You will have to manually tweak its settings to show them in your Safari menu. Where are the Safari web developer tools? Go to enable them following below steps.

Run Safari on your Mac, see if you can find the Develop menu in the top menu bar. If you can’t find it there, it means you have not enabled it. From the top menu bar, click Safari >> Preferences, you will see a new window. Switch from General to the Advanced tab, then select “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”

enable developer tools in safari browser on mac

Now you should see the Develop menu in the menu bar. Click to open this menu, you can find all kinds of useful tools for web developers. For example, you can changes the User Agent header to see how your site works with various browsers; enter Responsive Design Mode to request the mobile version of a website on specific iOS devices; inspect, debug, improve web content, etc.