Enable USB debugging on HTC Smartphones

Since you are here looking for the steps to enable USB debugging on smartphones from HTC, you may already know what USB debugging can do for HTC and other Android phones. USB Debugging for Android allows you to connect your Android smartphone with a computer and to use the Android SDK. You can find out more about Android USB debugging here. USB debugging can be found and activated on most HTC smartphones, including HTC One X, HTC EVO, HTC Vivid, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC WILDFIRE, HTC SENSATION, etc.

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Enable Developer Options before USB debugging activation

You need to enable Developer Options on your HTC phone before you go to activate USB debugging option. Go to Settings >> About >> Software Information >> More. Tap the Build Number option several times quickly until you see a message congratulating you on becoming a developer.
enable developer options on HTC mobile

Now you have enabled Developer mode on HTC smart phone. You can follow below steps to enable USB debugging on HTC mobile phones now.

How to Enable USB debugging on HTC Smartphones?

To activate USB debugging is just like you turn on USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy phones. They are both Android powered phones, thus share many features in common. Navigate to the home screen on your HTC smartphone. Press the Menu key on your phone, you will see the menu brought up, tap on Settings, you will then open the HTC Settings screen like this:

htc smartphone settings

The screenshots in this demo are taken from HTC One smartphone, if you use other HTC models, you can expect slightly different interface and similar steps to activate USB debugging on them.

From the above HTC phone settings screen, you can find the Developer options at the lower sectin of the screen on your phone. Tap to open the developer options, you will be taken to a new window like below.

enable USB debugging under developer options on HTC One smartphone

Find the item USB debugging from above screen, tap to check the item and you are done. Now you have gained higher level access to your Android phone, you can install custom apps on your HTC phones, recover lost files on HTC phones and many more.

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