How to enable USB debugging on Lenovo phone?

Android-powered devices have a host of developer options that you can access on the phone. USB debugging is one of them. In some versions of Android, USB Debugging Mode is also called Developer Mode. We have showed you how to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. This article describes in detail how to turn on USB debugging on Lenovo mobile phones.

In fact, all Android phones are quite similar speaking of USB debugging activation, such as Samsung, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Sony, Nexus, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, and more provided that all these Android phones are running on the same Android version. In this demo, we are using a Lenovo phone which is running on Android 4.4.4. The ways to enable USB Debugging mode vary from one Android version to another. If you can’t turn on the USB debugging on your Lenovo phone following these steps, please double check your Android version from Settings >> About phone >> Device information. Then refer to following linked guide about how to enable USB debugging with various Android versions.

Although USB debugging is to facilitate a connection between an Android device and a computer with Android SDK for developer purpose mainly. Every Android user may sometimes need to perform more advanced operations on the phone, which require USB debugging. For example USB Debugging is necessary if you ever want to root your Android device; if you want to install app from computer to Android phone; if you want to back up and restore data on Lenovo phone, you may need to turn it on; if you need to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phone.

How to enable USB debugging on Lenovo phone?

There are mainly two different ways you can turn on USB debugging on Lenovo mobile. We will introduce the most popular way to enable USB debugging on Lenovo first. As we described above, USB debugging is one options under the Developer Mode or Options on Android phones (depending on the Android versions). The Developer Mode however is disabled by default on almost all Android phones. Thus to enable USB debugging on your Lenovo device, you need to turn on the Developer Mode first. If you have already turn on Developer Options or Mode, you can enable USB debugging on your device by going to Settings >> Developer Options or Mode. If it has not been activated yet. Open Settings from Lenovo phone home screen, choose About phone from the bottom of the Lenovo Settings screen.

lenovo mobile about phone

Here you can see system updates, status, legal information, device information and other aspects of your Lenovo phone. Choose Device Information above, you can find out all the details about your Lenovo mobile phone, such as model number, Android version, hardware version, baseband version, build number, CPU, RAM, ROM and so on. See below screenshot on Lenovo phone.

lenovo mobile device information

To enable USB debugging on Lenovo phone, tap on the Build number several times in a row (7 times) until you see the on-screen notification says “You are now a developer“. After that, you can go back to Lenovo Settings >> Developer Options. See below screenshot.

lenovo phone settings developer options

Choose Developer options from above screen, you can find different options and settings for Android developers and skilled users. One of them is the USB debugging. You can touch to check or enable USB debugging on Lenovo mobile phone here. By doing so the USB debugging will be turned on. It will stay active until you manually turn off it from the above screen.

enable developer options and usb debugging on lenovo phone

How to temporarily turn on USB debugging on Lenovo phone?

In fact, when you connect a Lenovo phone to PC or Mac via USB, you may see the USB computer connection screen pops up on the Lenovo phone. You can also choose to enable or disable USB debugging option on Lenovo phone from this screen. And this option is only valid for the current USB connection session.

enable usb debugging on lenovo from usb computer connection screen

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