Enable USB Debugging on LG Phones

Enabling USB debugging on Android phones grants you a higher level of access to your device, so you can install custom apps on the phone from a computer, troubleshoot computer/PC and smartphone connection issues, scan your phone’s internal storage to recover deleted photos from LG phones and so on. Do you own a LG smartphone and want to turn on Develop options or mode, then enable USB debugging on LG mobile? In this guide, we will show you how to turn on USB Debugging on LG G2, G3, G4, Optimus, etc.
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How to Enable USB Debugging on LG Phones?

Since Android version 4.2.X, the developer options is hidden by default. So many LG smart phone users can’t find the developer options or USB debugging option. Here are the quick steps to activate them.

From your LG mobile home screen, tap on Apps >> Settings >> About phone >> Software info, then tap on the Build number quickly for 7 times. You will then get a prompt message saying something like ‘you are a developer now’.
Go to Apps >> Settings, this time you should find the Developer options. Switch on this option. Tap OK from the Allow development settings screen. Then you can find USB debugging option beneath. Tap on it to enable or disable USB debugging on LG mobile phone.

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