Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6, was firstly unveiled at MWC 2015 held in Barcelona, is the best and most powerful smart phone so far. If you wish to use development tools with your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge smartphone, you will need to enable Developer options and USB Debugging on the device. Basically USB Debugging in Android smartphones is a option for Android developers to test and troubleshoot their in-progress programs on Android phones or tablets. If you want to root smartphones, flash ROM or install any custom ROM or firmware, you must also firstly turn on USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy. For example, to recover lost photos & videos from Samsung Galaxy S6, USB debugging option is also required to be turned on.

How to Enable Developer options & USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge?

Open the Apps on your Samsung smart phone, there will be a Settings app along with many other pre-installed app or downloaded apps by yourself. Settings is where you can manage and configure your mobile phone. Many important settings, system settings can be found there. Go to “Apps” –> “Settings”, see if an item called “Developer options” can be found there. If you can find it, you can go to enable or disable the “USB debugging” option beneath the “Developer options”. Otherwise you have to firstly enable “Developer options”, then enable USB debugging below it. Go to “Settings” –> “About phone”, tap “Build number” repeatedly for several times until it says “You are now a developer“. Now you should be able to find the “Developer options” from Settings and continue to find and activate USB debugging from there.

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Once you have enabled developer option on Samsung mobile phone, you will not be able to remove it from your settings unless your phone being reset. Do not do that until you know what you are doing, as resetting the phone, you will lost almost all personal data on the phone. And you can’t get them back unless you download professional data recovery to recover lost data on the phone after factory reset. Even this option may not be able to get everything back.