Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy Phones

USB Debugging in Android smartphones is a option for Android developers to test and troubleshoot their in-progress programs on Android phones or tablets. The USB debugging can also be found, activated or disactivated on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, like Galaxy S4, S5, S6. If you are a developer, you can enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy phones, then install your Android app on it and test the apps in a real-world setting on a physical Android device. Basically to enable USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S phone enables you to transfer your self-developed apps to the smartphone via USB cable. If you want to root smartphones, recover photos and other data from Samsung mobile, flash ROM or install any custom ROM or firmware, you must also firstly turn on USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy.

Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy

    • Go to the menu, select Settings.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘About device’.

samsung galaxy settings about device
Note: You will not see the Developer Options by default. You need to access the About Device to enable Developer Options on Galaxy smart phones.

    • Scroll down and tap Build Number seven times until you see a message that says “Developer mode has been enabled”.

enable developer options samsung galaxy

    • Now go to Developer Options.

samsung galaxy settings developer options

    • Here you can find the USB debugging box under developer mode options. You can check to enable the USB debugging mode from there.

enable usb debugging samsung galaxy

That’s it! Now you’ve enabled USB debugging on Galaxy phones, such as Galaxy S4, S5, S6, etc.

Tips to Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy or More

The instructions do not only apply to Samsung Galaxy A series, but also Galaxy S Series and more Samsung or even Android powered smart phones. For example, you can enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6 following the instructions above. If you are using another Samsung smartphone or other Android smartphones, you can also follow the above steps to activate USB debugging on them. See how to enable USB debugging on Android phones. It is similar to any Andoird based devices, including smartphones and tablets.

18 thoughts on “Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy Phones”

  1. I am locked out of my Samsung Galaxy S7. I am unable to enable my USB. I tried to use the remove android lock screen because it is a patter than I used and it says that my deice is not supported

    1. sorry for the inconvenience caused. Galaxy S7 is not currently supported. We will add the support to this phone model in future upgrades.

  2. My son has a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and the Wi-Fi will not work. All the other devices in our home are working fine. Tried to gain access to some of the extra menus with the star/hashtag numbers, but won’t work. Any suggestions? Any software I can put on my home computer and debug the phone thru the plug? Thanks in advance.

    1. is the wifi connection status shows ‘connected’? If so, you can try to touch the wi-fi and lock icon besides the wi-fi network name, you may then see options such as ‘cancel’, ‘forget network’, ‘turn off’. you can try to forget the network, then scan for the network and connect again see if any help. you can also try to turn off and reconnect again.

  3. Hello, I have the Galaxy S5 with sprint, my debugging is enabled, my developer mod is on, the Wonderhare for Dr. Fone for Getting Device Information No problem does it everytime, Matching Model checks out, However the program keeps getting stuck at like 22% on the Analyze section, my phone keeps getting restarted is it supposed to take this long, it’s been like 1 hour already………Currently I’m using the free version, I’m not going to pay for something I know is not a guarantee. By the way I accidentally deleted all my photos of my baby girl from birth until now, because I thought they had been backed up on the cloud, turns out I was wrong…

    1. Hello,
      Do not buy it before you are sure the free trial version can help you scan the phone and find the lost data in the scanning process. There is no guarantee that it will work for all phones.
      what’s the specific phone model number and android version on your phone please?

  4. my samsung galaxy s5 seem to reboot every time the analysis starts. and then it window shows that connection lost. what am i doing wrong? please help

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