How to enable USB debugging on Sony Xperia phones?

Can’t find Developer options, Developer mode or USB debugging option on Sony Xperia? When you buy a new Sony Xperia phone, such as XPERIA Z, XPERIA ZL, Xperia E, Xperia L or many others, you will not be able to find USB debugging or Developer mode as they are hidden by default. It is add-on features for advanced users or Android developers, not everyone may want to manipulate them. Since you are searching for the way to find or enable Developer options or USB debugging, you should already know what they do on the phone, so we will not explain it here.

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How to enable USB debugging on Sony Xperia phones?

You can find many online tutorials saying that you need go to your Sony phone Settings > Applications > Developer > USB Debugging or Settings >Developer options > USB debugging. In fact, if it was the first time you access it, you can’t find any “Applications”, “Developer” or anything similar within the settings app.

For recent Android versions, the Developer options screen is hidden by default. To enter into Developer mode or enable USB debugging on Sony Xperia, you need to go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times until you see a prompt message saying you are a developer or something similar on your phone’s screen. Now return to the previous Settings screen on Sony mobile phone, you can then find the Developer options appears. USB debugging can be found under the Developer options. You can tap on this option to activate it on your phone.

10 thoughts on “How to enable USB debugging on Sony Xperia phones?”

  1. Hi

    You can help me, I have Xperia XZ F8331, with android 7.0 and I do not succeed in activating USB debugging

    1. you need firstly activate Developers options, then go to turn on USB debugging beneath. USB debugging is one of the Developers options on Android devices.

  2. Zaen-burger Cronje

    My pc wont pick up my sony C4. It’s charging but it doesn;t pick the device up as a “storage” so to say. I’ve tried every option on the phone and it’s still not working. Any help?

    1. make sure to use the original USB data cord which comes with the phone. also is the USB debugging on your phone enabled? If not, go to turn it on first before connecting it to PC. If it is already set to on, try to turn this option off and on again, then connect it to PC and see if any update.

  3. by clicking Build Number 7 times i cant able to get the Developer options on the screen. No USB funtion is workin on my phone xperia u. pls help me out.

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