Enable WiFi Direct on Xiaomi & Redmi phones

Wi-Fi Direct is well-known as a new technology to help us transfer large files between mobile phones at typical Wi-Fi speeds. Many smartphone makers have embedded the Wi-Fi Direct support, notably the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. See how to use Wi-Fi Direct on Samsung phones? Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones also support Wi-Fi Direct. In this article, we will show you how to find and enable Wi-Fi Direct on Xiaomi & Redmi phone, easily connect Xiaomi & Redmi phones with each other or other mobile phones via Wi-Fi Direct.

Enable WiFi Direct on Xiaomi & Redmi phones

You will need to connect up your phone to a Wi-fi network before you set up Wi-Fi direct and connect your Xiaomi phone with other mobile phones via Wi-Fi direct. Head to the Settings app on your phone, choose Wi-Fi, then connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, after that scroll down the screen to the bottom where you can find Wi-Fi Settings >> Advanced Settings >> WiFi Direct.

xiaomi redmi advanced wifi settings

Find and open the Wi-Fi Direct from above screen, you can then find the options to rename your mobile device, scan for other Wi-Fi Direct enabled devices nearby, connect two mobile phones via Wi-Fi Direct. Tap on the device name from the Peer Devices list, then the other phone will receive a invitation to connect, accept or confirm the invitation from the other phone, then both devices will be connected via Wifi Direct.

xiaomi redmi phone wifi direct settings

How to share files through WiFi Direct on Xiaomi phones?

Unlike Wi-Fi Direct on Samsung mobile phones, you will need extra third party Wi-Fi direct file transfer apps for that, at least for now. SuperBeam is one of the most famous file transfer apps which make use of Wi-Fi direct technology to share files and documents between mobile phones, or between mobile phones and computers. Check out this guide to use WiFi direct on Xiaomi phone for more details.