How to encrypt data with Folder Lock on computer?

Did you know you can encrypt files and documents on computer and protect them with a password? In this way, you have a more flexible way to secure any individual files, folders in Windows. In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how you can lock files, folders with password on computer. In this article, we will introduce you an even more advanced method to protect your important files and folders on computer using the government-level 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Do not think it would be too complicate for you. This will be a DIY data encryption for all Windows users with very basic computer skills. We will use Folder Lock software for Windows to do this job. It is extremely easy to use. To create a digital locker on PC and store any files and documents in it takes no time even for beginners.

How to encrypt data and lock files with password on computer?

You can download the free version of this tool on to your computer below.

Run the data security software on your PC. You will be prompted to enter master password of this software in order to run or use it. If it is the first time you run this program, go to set the master password first. After that, click Encrypt Files tab from the left panel of this program. You will need to create a locker using the Folder Lock software. A Locker is simply an encrypted storage file that uses to store and protect any files and documents on your computer.
encrypt files on computer

Click Create Locker, you will get a pop up window like below. Here you need to choose a name for the locker and choose a location to save the locker. You can choose a folder on your computer hard drive to save the locker file or save the locker to a USB drive, portable hard drive, flash drive or other external storage medium.

create data locker

Proceed to the next step to set locker password. You can click on the virtual keyboard besides the Set Lock Password and Confirm Password to input password by clicking on the virtual keyboard other than typing on the physical keyboard, this can make your input not been detected by third party software on the computer.

set locker password

Next, we need to choose locker type and size. The Lockers are dynamic and resizable and can store any number of files and documents on your PC. You can choose an approximate size of the locker file size for now.choose locker type, sizeClick next button, the Folder Lock software will create the locker file instantly. Once the locker is created, you will get the file locker creation completed notice as following.file locker creation completed And you will be able to find the newly created along with other existing lockers from the Encrypt Files section of the Folder Lock program. See below screenshot.

manage lockers in folder lock software

How to encrypt data and lock files with password on computer?

It is very easy. Select the locker from above locker management interface, then click the Open Locker button from the above toolbar. You can then open the locker in Windows Explorer or the File Explorer in Windows. The locker will open as a separate new hard drive although it is not a real one. For example, if you have Drive C, D on the computer, you can choose to open the locker as Drive E, F, G or else. After that, you can simply dump whatever files you like into this locker virtual drive. To encrypt data and lock files with password on computer you just need to find all the files you like to protect and then move or copy/paste them from the original location to this locker. Once you have finished adding files, documents and any data to this folder drive, go to the locker management window, click the Close Locker icon from the toolbar, this will close locker, you will not be able to find, read or write the folder file in Windows Explorer any more. Data in the locker is hidden when it is closed. You need both master password for the Folder Lock tool and the password for the Locker in order to gain access to the files and documents contained in the digital locker. And all data is encrypted with the government-level 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Your added data in the locker becomes confidential, theft-proof, and loss-proof.

If your locker and data can be moved to portable devices, such as a Flash drive, USB drive, portable hard drive, CD, DVD, etc. You can refer to this guide to encrypt and password protect data on USB Flash Drive, just as an example.