Encrypt files using Encrypto on PC

Saved some private files, documents, videos on computer and want to add another layer of security to them? Want to encrypt files before sending them to friends or coworkers? You can use Encrypto to lock private files and documents with password. It is fast, free and available for both Windows and Mac users. Encrypto lets you protect files with AES-256 encryption. It is incredibly secure. It is one of the most reliable encryption algorithm techniques. Only the person has the password can access the encrypted files. And it is incredibly easy to use too. Today, we will use the free file locker program on a Windows 10 PC to show you how to lock your private files and documents behind a password.

Download Encrypto from this link. Then install it on your PC. Launch the file encryption software on your PC. Drag and drop the file or folder you want to secure from your computer hard drive to the encryption software interface.

Encrypto for Windows to add files, folder to protect

Or you can move the mouse cursor above the down arrow to reveal the Add Files and Add Folder option, then click to add the files or folder you need to protect. After that you will have the option to set a strong password and create a password hint before you encrypted the file or folder.

Encrypto for Windows set password

Hit the Encrypt button to start the encrypting the process. The larger the file you have, the longer the encryption takes. It could take several minutes to encrypt a file of roughly 1G. It varies depending on your memory, processor power, drive speed. And it should take almost the same time to decrypt.

Encrypto for Windows to save encrypted file to computer disk

Finally click Save as button, choose a location and file name to save the encrypted file in .crypt format to hard disk on your computer.

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