How to permanently erase all content on Lenovo phone?

How to permanently and securely erase all content on Lenovo phone and prevent them from being recovered? Many Lenovo users might think factory data reset can help them permanently delete all personal data on their Lenovo mobile phones. However this is not true. Simple deletion or factory reset is not enough. They can not help you securely remove your private info from Lenovo phones. Some data may still stay in your phone’s memory after you deleted them or reset the phone. With a professional data recovery software, you can easily get the deleted data back from your Lenovo phone directly. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phones. If you have performed factory reset on Lenovo, you also have the chance to recover them, see this tutorial to recover data from Lenovo mobile after factory reset. So how can you get rid of sensitive data from an unused or old Lenovo cell phone?

How to permanently erase all data on Lenovo phone?

We recommend this Phone Data Eraser for this job. You can get this software for free below. It comes with both Windows and Mac OS X versions, make sure to download the right one according to your computer OS.

Backup Lenovo phone first
Do you have any important data want to keep? Before we are going to delete files and data from Lenovo, we suggest you to back up data from Lenovo phone to computer. After that we will proceed to delete all content from Lenovo mobile.

Run the mobile phone data eraser, connect up Lenovo phone to computer via USB, you will then see a screen like this.

erase all data on mobile phone using phone eraser

You will be required to type in the ‘delete’ text in the box, then click Erase Now button. The mobile phone data eraser will then start erasing all data stored in the phone’s memory. It will erase apps on your phone, erase music and video files, erase your photos and image files, erase other documents and file fragments, erase system data such as contacts, SMS and so on. After that, you will get a prompt to perform a factory data reset on the Lenovo phone. The software has permanently erased all existing and deleted files in your Lenovo phone’s internal and external storage using the professional data destroyer. However to clear all system data and settings, you need to manually do a factory data reset or ‘erase all content’ on some devices. You can manually reset your phone following this guide to factory reset Lenovo Vibe mobile phone
lenovo factory data reset

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