How to erase all data from Motorola mobile phones quickly and safely?

When we think of mobile phone data security, we think of avoiding public Wi-Fi, never clicking on links from phishing emails or unknown senders, filterring and deleting unwanted emails automatically other than unsubscribing suspecious emails, using different passwords for different websites, locking our mobile phones with strong password, deleting all personal data before selling or donating old phones, and so on. There are actually many things every mobile phone user needs to learn in order to stay safe in daily life. Our mobile phone data is not really safe but safer no matter how you protect your data and privacy on the mobile computing.

Let me give you just an example, so you can understant it better. Motorola Moto G is one of the best budget smartphones for its price. Especially with its recent updates in 2015, such as water resistance, LTE support and better camera, Moto G gets even better and popular. Moto G has been in the market for couple of years, if you are using a previous version, such as the 2014 version, and want to upgrade to the latest model in 2015. You will copy over all data from old phone to the new one. Delete all data from the old phone before selling it to earn extra cash. Resetting Motorola Moto G to Factory settings is the standard way and only way for many people to erase moto G device. And the majority of Motorola users think this method is sufficient to wipe all content from Motorola mobile phone completely.

We know there is a chance we can put back or restore deleted data on computers, such as Windows PC or Mac computers. Can we do the same thing on mobile computing, including smartphones, tablets? Today’s technology allows us to achieve that. What you need is just a mobile phone data recovery software. You can use such tools to scan the phone’s internal storage and external storage and restore those deleted data. There are many similar Android recovery or iPhone recovery programs on the market can do that and they are available for free download from many websites. For example, you can refer to this link to recover deleted photos and videos from Motorola phones. As we said above, our data is not really safe but safer if we could take steps to do better. So is it possible to delete all private data from mobile phone in a more secure way? Today, we will introduce you an easy yet safer way to erase content on Motorola Moto G, Moto X or other models using a professional data destroyer.

Mobile Transfer is a professional data transfer and eraser software for all kinds of mobile phones, including Samsung, iPhone, HTC, LG, Motorola, LG, Sony, Lenovo, ZTE, and so on. You can download this software for free below.

How to wipe all data from Motorola mobile phones quickly and safely?

Run this software on your PC or Mac, you will see a data management mode section screen like below.

mobile phone data transfer software main interface

To erase Motorola phones, click Erase Old Phone. Normally we will suggest you to back up your phone before you delete all data from it. Since you are looking for a secure way to get rid of personal files on Motorola phones here, we guess you might have already backed up your device using other tools. If not yet, you can go to the Back up Phone mode within this mobile transfer software to back up your motorola device. It is quite straightforward, we will not discuss it in details here.

Once you are in the phone eraser mode, you will be prompted to connect your phone if not yet, then you will see a screen like below.

quickly and safely erase all data from motorola phone

From here, you can click the Erase button to delete all files from Motorola phone in a batch mode. You will be required to confirm the phone erasing in a pop-up dialogue like this.

confirm to erase content from motorola phone

Confirm to wipe all data from Motorola mobile, then all your apps, photos, videos, contacts, messages and other personal data will be erased and destroyed. A factory data reset is also recommended in order to get rid of your own settings and customizations made to the Android system. If interested, you can also refer to the linked guide in the second paragraph above to find out more details.

erase all data saved in phone memory

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