Here’s a super-easy way to erase private data before selling your old phone

Have just upgraded to a new phone and do not know what to do with the old phone? Some people may store old phones in a drawer, some may treat their used phones and old electronics as garbage and throw them away, more people may choose to recycle, sell or trade in their old phones, tablets and used electronics for cash. To safely dispose your old phones, you should erase all the personal data on your old phone before you sell, trade in, donate or give away the used phone. Here we introduce you a super-easy method to completely wipe all your personal files and documents on an Android phone or tablet. You should know that simple deletion or factory reset does not erase the data on Android devices permanently. Using a professional data retrieval program, there’s still a chance those deleted data can be recovered. For example, you can follow these steps to recover deleted photos from Lenovo mobile, your lost WhatsApp chats and messages can be retrieved following this WhatsApp for Android chats recovery solution. Except these data, there many other files types can also be retrieved, your videos, music, documents, contacts, text messages, call history and many more.

Android Data Erase is the solution to securely delete all kinds of personal data on your Android mobile phone. These include your photos, videos, text messages, files received in MMS, contacts and name cards, call logs, notes, reminders, calendars, installed apps, app data and so on.

android data erase drphone

Note this Android phone eraser comes as an add-on tool in the toolkit of the famous Android phone data recovery software. You can download the recovery along with the eraser all together.

When you do a search online, you can find many similar products and programs specialized in data erasure and privacy protection on old smartphones. We also introduced some in previous articles. For instance, you can refer to the steps to permanently delete all data on Lenovo phone, see How to Erase Your Phones, Android, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, etc.. So why bother obtaining another mobile phone data eraser or destroyer?

Unlike other similar tools, Android Data Erase supports all Android devices in the market, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, Samsung note and tablets, HTC smartphones, LG phones, Motorola, Sony, Google Nexus, Lenovo mobile and many more. It can not only delete all your private data on the phone in just one click, but also safely erase all the existing data using its advanced technology and make them can’t be recovered by any data rescue tool.

Here are the steps to wipe your Android phone and tablet and protect your privacy before selling, donating or trading in your used mobile phone or tablet.

Go go back up your important data from old phone to computer first. Following are some easy to follow guides for Android users. See this tutorial to back up Lenovo phone to computer using a third party Android phone backup tool. Also the above downloaded Android phone data recovery comes with an useful Android phone data backup tool which can also help you backup Android devices. We have reviewed this small utility in this Android Phone Recovery’s New Backup Tool review.

  1. Connect your phone to PC using the data cable via USB;
  2. Download and run the Android Data Erase on your PC, click ‘Erase All Data‘ button, you will see all important notes before wiping all data from the phone, type ‘delete‘ in the confirmation box and hit the ‘Erase Now‘ button to instantly delete all your personal files and documents from the connected Android device.

erase all data using android data erase