Evernote Photos not saved to iPhone

Evernote is a FREE app that lets you take notes, capture photos, record voice reminders, create to-do list, sharing files and doc, in different platforms and devices. For example if you like to send a picture from computer to iPhone, you can upload the picture from computer to Evernote, then access your Evernote account on iPhone and download the picture from Evernote to iPhone.

Sometimes however you may find you can not save photos from Evernote to iPhone. Even after you have double check there is no problem with the procedures. When you tap on Save to Camera Roll with Evernote, then open the Photos app and you can not find the photos you attempted to save from Evernote to iPhone.

Save Photos from Evernote to iPhone

If you have the trouble saving photos from Evernote to iPhone as described above, try the fix as following.
1. Open the SETTINGS on iPhone
2. Tap on Privacy
3. Locate and and tap on Photos. You will then see a list of photo related apps that may need access to your photo library and albums.
4. Find Evernote from the app list and make sure to enable its access to you photo library.
5. Try to open Evernote app on iPhone and save the photo again.

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