How to export contacts from Xiaomi to computer?

Xiaomi phones can help users easily share content and data between the phone and their computers. You can connect up your Xiaomi mobile and computer via USB and easily copy files and documents from Xiaomi to PC or Mac and vice versa. You can also make use of Bluetooth, FTP to send files between phone and computer without USB cable. You should back up data from phone to computer regularly so in case of data loss, hardware failure or phone loss, you can always get back your personal files from backups saved in external storage. Contacts and phone numbers are our most important assets hold on the phone. In this article, we will talk about the Xiaomi contacts export from phone to computer. Check out the instructions below. For those who want an easier solution to back up contacts on Xiaomi phone, we will introduce a professional mobile phone data transfer tool at the lower section of this article.

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MIUI, pre-installed with all Xiaomi phones and tablets, is very user-friendly and easy to use. We can see it has borrowed many ideas from both Apple iOS and Samsung TouchWiz. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone as well, you may find the contacts transfer or backup from Xiaomi to computer works very similar to the Samsung phones.

How to export contacts from Xiaomi to PC or Mac

Launch the stock Contacts app on Xiaomi phone. Switch to the Contacts tab if you are at other tabs of the Contacts app.

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Press or long press the Menu button of your Xiaomi phone, the one left to the Home button. On recent Android versions and MIUI versions, when you press the menu button it shows up the task management bar instead from which you can close all apps, quickly switch to recent opened apps, etc. After that you will get the contacts management menu as shown below.

xiaomi phone contacts management main menu

From this screen you can find options to customize the way your contacts display on the phone, organize contacts, recover contacts, import contact, export contacts and so on. Choose Import/Export contacts, you will open another screen like below.

contacts import export on xiaomi phone

At the upper section of this screen, you can find options to import contacts from your SD card, import contacts from another phone. You can find the options to export contacts from Xiaomi phone to SD card or share contacts using a compatible app on the phone. Choose Export to storage, you will see a prompt message as shown from below screenshot.

export contacts from Xiaomi phone to storage

Export contacts? Your contact list will be exported to file xxx with the file path. Touch the OK button to complete. After that you can find the contacts file saved as VCF file format using the stock Explorer app on Xiaomi phone. You can then transfer the VCF contacts file from Xiaomi to PC or Mac via Bluetooth, FTP, Emaill, etc. You can also connect up your phone to computer via USB and export the contacts from Xiaomi to computer through USB.

Import contacts from computer to Xiaomi Redmi phones

If you like to transfer the contacts back on to the phone in the future or if you lost contacts on the phone and like to restore them from backups, you can refer to this guide to restore contacts from computer to Xiaomi phone.

Update Jun 2018: this article was originally published in Jun 2016 and has since been updated. in this update, we replaced the old phone manager with the new mobile phone data transfer.

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  1. I Xiaomi phone’s screen is broken completely, but phone is running. Can I retain the contacts from it, if possible, let me know. It’s urgent.

  2. Hi,

    Done all the steps; thanks for the clear instructions with images support but the vcf file only contain 1 contact when open in desktop computer …. it’s not located in SD card but in internal storage. Please advise?

    1. it seems i can’t replicate the issue you mentioned. I have tested it again using a Redmi phone which is running on MIUI 8 6.9.1. if it was saved to the internal storage, you should find it at the home directory of it. it will be a VCF file. you can export it to your computer, then use a text editor, like Notepad, to open and view it.

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