Save Word as PDF on computer

Microsoft Word makes it extremely easy to edit text. When it comes to editing documents, Word is a much more powerful tool. With a PDF file you have very limited editing options. PDF documents however is easier to be shared and transferred. So many users choose to create and edit a Word Doc document and then publish it as Adobe PDF. Office Word app has the built-in tool to create a PDF document from your Word Doc, Docx file. To do so, check out steps below. No Office installed? No problem! See also this guide to open and convert Word Docx to PDF without Office.

convert word to pdf

How to Save Word as PDF document?

Here we will use Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows on a PC to show you how to export PDF from Word document. Go to open the Word document on your computer or run Office Word on your PC to create a new document from scratch. Then click the File menu from the top left corner, you will be taken to a new screen. Click Export from the left navigation panel, choose Create PDF/XPS Document >> Create PDF/XPS, you will bring up the ‘Publish as PDF or XPS‘ dialogue, where you can select an output folder to save the PDF file, choose a name for the PDF file, customize other options and hit the Publish button to export PDF file from a Word document.

save word as PDF on pc

Bonus tips – Converting Word to PDF document

  • Do you have sensitive information want to protect in the Word or PDF file? You can apply password protection to the PDF file so no one can open or view it without the password. Check out more details from following guide about creating password protected PDF files using Office Word.
  • As we mentioned above, Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX format and Adobe PDF are two of the most popular file formats. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. By converting Word to PDF, you can preserve the layout, formatting, fonts and images, you will be able to view PDF files with many more compatible programs and most of them are free. However content can’t be easily changed with a PDF file. PDF documents are read only. In order to edit text, images or the formats, you will need a professional PDF editor software. And you will not be able to convert PDF back to Word without a professional PDF converter. Check out this tutorial to convert PDF to Word doc on PC.

Converting Word to PDF on mobile phones

If you do not have Office installed on your Windows computer, you may download it from Google Play store or Apple App store. Unlike its desktop version, Office for mobile are free to download and use for both Android and iOS users. Word app for Android and iOS can also help users export PDF files from their Word Doc. Check out this guide to convert Word to PDF on Android phone, and this tutorial to convert Word to PDF on iPhone. If you can’t open or view Word on computer, send it to your mobile and use the free Office apps to open, view or convert them.

Update May 2018: the new methods to convert Word to PDF without Office, encrypt PDF documents were added.