Export WeChat audio messages from iPhone to computer

Voice messages sent/received in WeChat can’t be forwarded. In an earlier article, we discussed how Android users can transfer WeChat audio messages from Android to computer. These instructions are mainly focused on WeChat for Android. If you are using WeChat on iPhone, you’ll have to use different tools and methods. In this guide, we will share with iPhone users three different ways to extract voice messages from WeChat on iPhone.

Method 1. Export Wechat audio messages from iPhone and/or iTunes backup

You will need a third-party WeChat chat log backup & transfer tool for this. We recommend iTransor iPhone data transfer, iPhone iPad data backup and restore software. This is a paid app. Run this iPhone backup and restore program on your computer. Click Export from Device & Backup from the left pane, you can then choose to export Wechat voice messages from iPhone or iTunes backup files. If you have not backed up iPhone to computer using iTunes yet, choose Export From Device, select WeChat, connect your iPhone to computer via USB, then scan your device. Once it has finished scanning your iPhone, you will get a screen like this.

export wechat voice messages from iphone to computer using itransor

Select any or all WeChat voice messages from iPhone, click Export button, then choose a folder on your PC to save the voice messages.

Method 2. Extract Wechat audio messages from iTunes backup to computer

iTransor provides us the easiest way to backup or transfer WeChat audio messages from iPhone to computer. However it is a paid app. You have to buy it in order to use it to extract data from iPhone to computer. Here we recommend another program which can help you extract Wechat audio messages from iTunes backup to computer, the iExplorer. This is also a paid app, but you should be able to use the trial version to export iPhone WeChat voice messages to computer.

Run the iExplorer on your PC, click Browse iTunes Backups, open the iPhone backup folder, open Backup Explorer >> App >> com.tencent.xin >> Documents. Look for a folder that has a whole bunch of random letters and digits in its name. Open the Audio folder, you will then find different folders underneath. Again you will find folders with random letters and numbers. The WeChat audio messages (.aud files) can be found inside each of these folders. Select any or all .AUD files, hit the Export button, choose a destination folder to save them on your computer.

export wechat voice messages from itunes backup to computer using iexplorer

Method 3. Record Wechat audio messages

If you are using Mac, you can make use of QuickTime Player which is bundled with Mac OS to record iPhone internal sounds through USB.

To record WeChat voice messages, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac via USB, play the voice messages in WeChat, then start recording it using QuickTime Player on Mac. The recordings will be saved as AIFC files on Mac. You can play them using QuickTime player and iTunes directly. If need, you can convert WeChat voice messages to MP3 files so you can play them on almost any devices with just any music players.

record iphone internal audio using quicktime player for mac