Export WeChat chat history from iTunes backup

quotation markI have backed up my iPhone and WeChat chat history to computer using iTunes. But I do not have access to the WeChat account any more. I’d like to see how to get the WeChat messages back from iTunes backup?

iTunes will back up content from our iOS device to PC or Mac, but the backup files will be encrypted. We can’t access them without restoring them back to our iOS device. To view and extract data included in iTunes backup file, you will need a third-party software. For example, you can follow these steps to view and extract files from iTunes backup on computer.

To export WeChat messages from iTunes backup would require a professional WeChat data retrieval tool, such as this iPhone WeChat data recovery software. Download and install this program on your PC or Mac. You can then export WeChat data from iTunes backup in merely three easy steps. Run the WeChat chats recovery software on your computer, the Smart Recovery mode loads by default. Click the Recover from iTunes backup from the left panel, it will then automatically search for all saved backups on your computer. Choose the backup file you need to extract data from, the WeChat recovery program will scan the iTunes backup file and list all your WeChat chat history. See below screenshot.

extract wechat messages from itunes backup

To extract WeChat chat history from iTunes backup, click the WeChat category in the middle, then browse through all conversations, click the checkbox to select a chat conversation with some contact and preview it in the right pane. When you find the WeChat chat that you like to get back, hit the Recover button at the bottom right section, a new dialogue pops up where you can select a folder on your computer to save the extracted WeChat messages. Your WeChat chat history will be exported as HTML file on your PC or Mac. You can view them using any web browser, like IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. The same process applies when you extract photos and videos from WeChat conversations.

Can I get back lost WeChat messages?

If you can’t find WeChat messages in iTunes backup, switch to the Recover from iCloud backup tab, log on your iCloud account and scan see if any luck. If still not found, you can follow this tutorial to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone directly without any backups. This WeChat data recovery program can scan your iPhone’s internal memory to find and extract deleted WeChat chat history. It works well with recently deleted WeChat data. For those data deleted long time ago and overwritten by new data saved on the phone, you lost them forever. So once you realized the data loss, perform the scan and recovery as soon as possible.

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