How to freeze or extend a frame in video?

Sometimes you may want to pause or extend some frame in a video so as to add your voice-over or narration, or allow people more time to read a caption. Filmora video editor provides you several ways to freeze frames from a video clip on your PC and Mac computers. In this quick tutorial I will show you two different ways to extend a frame duration or freeze frame in your video clip.

Method 1. extending a frame in video using snapshot

The first method is to take a snap shot of the frame in the video and insert it to the point where you like to freeze the video frame.

Run Filmora on your PC or Mac computer. Enter its full feature mode. Add a video to the timeline. Use the built-in movie player at the upper right section to play the video. Pause the video until you get to the point where you want the freeze frame. Right click on the video in the timeline, choose Split from the pop-up menu. Then click the Snapshot button below the built-in movie player window to capture the video frame as a snapshot image. It will be saved to the Media Library. Drag it back to the point where you made the split in the timeline. You can then adjust the length or display time of the still snapshot in your video as so to create the frame freeze effect. By default, the inserted image or snapshot gives you a moment for 5 seconds in the timeline. You can right click on the snapshot, choose Edit to change the display time or duration of the inserted snapshot from the Duration box. The length of the still snapshot is the frame freeze duration.

This method however seems to be a bit tedious and slow. Is there a faster way to do this?

Method 2. Quickly freeze a frame in the video

The video editor and movie maker has built in many useful tools. Flash and hold is one of them. You can make use of this tool to quickly freeze any frame in the video. Position the playhead at the desired frame you’d like to freeze or extend its duration. Right click on it in the timeline, choose Flash and hold from the context menu, you will then see a still frame inserted into the point where you like to extend the frame in the time line.

flash and hold a frame in video using filmora video editor for windows

Meanwhile you will open the photo editing pane at the upper left section of the video editor. From there you can see the image or snapshot is set to display for 5 seconds by default, and you can change it to any amount of time that you want. Just click on the seconds or minutes in the Duration box and type in the duration that you want. Then click OK.

Play the video in the built-in player, you will see the flash effect applied to the still video frame. If you do not like it, simply right click on the snapshot image, choose Delete Motion, so you get a still snapshot with extended duration without any animated effect. That’s it.