Extract Contacts from iTunes backup

iTunes can help you solve the problem of data backup and transfer for your iPhone. But when you sync iPhone to computer through iTunes, you may have no idea how to extract the contacts from iTunes backup so you can import the iPhone contacts to another iPhone, or Android, Nokia, Symbian, Windows phone. You can find iPhone backups files on computer, but you can not extract the data from them without professional tools. Apparently iTunes cann’t help you transfer data from iOS to Android or other phones. Do you want to view iPhone data in iTunes backup on computer? You can follow below instructions to preview and extract contacts and other files from iTunes backup to your computer. And we will also recommend some phone transfer tool which you can use to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, Android or Nokia phones.

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How to Extract iPhone Contacts from iTunes backup on computer?

We will be using Dr. Phone for the job. You can download the tool and find more features about the iOS data recovery tool here. You can extract all data from iTunes backup to computer using it in easy ways. It can not only export specific contacts from iTunes backup to computer, but also extract many other files and data, such as text messages, WhatsApp messages, photos, notes, calendar, reminders, etc. You can download this tool for free below.

Install and run the iOS data recovery tool, switch to the ‘Recover from iTunes Backup Files’ mode from its top section, you will get a screenshot like this.

extract data from itunes backup

Important Tips:

The iOS data recovery software can help you extract data from iPhone to computer directly, you can also use it to extract or export data from iTunes backup to computer or download iPhone backups from iCloud to computer. It is very convenient tool for iPhone data recovery and transfer.

This data recovery software can automatically search for existing itunes backup files on your PC or Mac. You do not need to manually navigate to iTunes backup folder or location, simply choose the iTunes backup files from the list displayed, then click Start Scan button to extract data from selected iPhone backup.

extract contacts from itunes backup

All content contained in your iTunes backup can be extracted and exported, see this page to export data from iTunes backup. If you want to extract contacts specifically, browse to the Contacts from the left side menu. Then all contacts found will be listed on the right. You can select any or all contacts and recover them from iTunes backup to your computer. Alternatively you can also put back files like contacts, messages and notes from iTunes backup to iPhone directly without affecting existing files and data on your iPhone. Note that this iPhone data recovery is free to trial. On the free trial version, you can scan your phone, itunes backups using it, however in order to extract data from your device or backup files, you need to buy the full version.

Your iPhone contacts will be saved as CSV, HTML and VCF files, so you can easily import the contacts to Gmail, Yahoo mail, or other phones such as Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Nokia and so on. Contacts in VCF format is compatible with most smartphones, you can simply email your self the contacts, open this email on your mobile phone and import the contacts from VCF to your new phone directly. For a step-by-step guide, you can check out this one: how to import contacts in VCF format to iPhone?

Export contacts from iPhone to other phones

If you simply want to transfer contacts from iPhone to another iPhone, or from iPhone to Android or Symbian phones, you can actually use a phone transfer instead. We have already talked about this in earlier articles. You can check out some of the step-by-step guides below: