Extract pages from PDF with or without Adobe Acrobat

Want to extract one page from a big PDF file or save separate PDF pages? In this article we will show you how to extract any selected page(s) from a big PDF file with dozens of pages and save them as a new PDF file. We will use Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDF Element in the demo.

Extracting pages from PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro is a very powerful PDF editing program. Extracting pages from PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro is very easy. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Drag and drop the PDF file to the PDF editor to open it. Then switch to the Page Thumbnails view at the left window. You can then preview thumbnail images of the pages in the PDF document. Right click on the PDF page, then select Extract Pages… from the context menu.

extract pages from pdf file using acrobat pro on windows computer

You will then open a new pop-up menu where you can select the page(s) to extract from the PDF file.

pdf pages selection and extraction in acrobat pro for windows

The PDF page you have just clicked on will be selected by default. You can however specify the page range to extract multiple PDF pages. For example, if you input 2 in the From box, 4 in the To box, it means you will export page 2, 3 and 4 from the original PDF file.

Extract PDF Pages As Separate Files

Want to save separate PDF pages or separate pages in PDF file? The “Extract Pages As Separate Files” option let you create new files for each page you’re extracting. If you have selected 3 pages above, you will export them as 3 different PDF files at the same time.

By default this Extract Pages As Separate Files option is not enabled. Leave it unchecked to keep all extracted pages in one new PDF file.

Also Acrobat Pro allows you to save the selected PDF pages as other file formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, image and so on.

Extracting pages from PDF with PDF Element

PDF Element is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro. It is fully featured like the Acrobat Pro, but much cheaper to buy and easier to use. You can download its free trial version below.

pdf element editor pro for windows home

Run the PDF editor on your computer. Open the source PDF file using the PDF program. Switch to the Thumbnail view at the left pane. Right click on the page you like to extract, you will see a pop-up menu. Choose Extract Page from the context menu. See below screenshot.

extract pages from pdf using pdf element on windows pc
select pages to extract from pdf using pdf element for windows

The Extract Pages dialog pops up where you can select even pages, odd pages or both even and odd pages in the entire PDF file or selected page range of the PDF file. It even supports non-consecutive range selection, such as 1,3,5-10. Click OK button, the PDF editor will create a new PDF file with all selected pages. You can the go to edit them if need before you save them to your computer as a new PDF file.

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