How to extract photo from video?

Sometimes, we may need to collect some still images from a video and reuse them if needed. In this article, you will learn how to save photo from video on Windows computer, Mac, Android phones and iPhone. We will recommend free tools if we found any for this task. Some apps are poorly advertised, few people are aware of them even those built-in provisioned apps with the OS, like the QuickTime player, the Windows Photos, etc.

Save photo from video using Windows Photos app

For Windows 11, 10 users, Microsoft Photos is a great option to capture a still image from a video.

Firstly, open Windows File Explorer to locate the video or movie, then right click on it and choose to open it in Photos app from the contextual menu. Play the video in Photos app, when you see the photo which you like to save, pause the play. Then find and click the More Options (three dots icon …) at the end of the play control bar, select Save a frame from the menu. Follow on screen tips to extract the selected frame from video using Photos app. Exported video frames will be save to the same directory as source videos.

save a frame from video using Microsoft Photos app in Windows 11

Export video frames in QuickTime Player on Mac

Mac users can extract still frames from video in QuickTime Player. It’s much easier than you thought.

Open the video with QuickTime Player. Find the right frame in the video. Then go to Edit > Copy to copy the selected video frame to clipboard. Note that QuickTime Player doesn’t offer an option to directly save video frames to Mac. Thus we need to paste the captured frame to a new image using an image editor. You can use Preview if this is your go-to app editor on Mac. In Preview, choose File > New from Clipboard to paste the copied video frame to Preview. See more details from this guide to export video frames using QuickTime Player on Mac.

quicktime player edit video copy frame on Mac

Extract still images from video on Android

Android users can opt for Google Photos app, which should be shipped with the Android. Follow these steps to extract pictures by frame from a video in Google Photos app.

Launch Google Photos on your Android phone. Its Photos screen opens by default. From this screen you can browse through all your photos and videos. Locate and tap on the video to play it. Then click on the Edit button at the bottom section of the screen. Once the Edit screen opens, play and/or drag the slider to find the video frame, then hit the Export frame button present underneath the video timeline. Video frames will be exported as JPEG images to the same location as source videos on your Android phone or tablet.

Extract still images from video on Android using google photos app

Export frames from videos on iPhone

On iPhone, we have to use a third-party image editor. ImgPlay GIF Maker, as its name says, is a GIF maker. But also a video and GIF editor. iPhone users can download the free version of this app to export frames from videos.

Open the app on your iPhone, choose Video, then locate and import the source video to this app. In the upper right corner of the Edit screen, you can find the Save button and Frame view button. Choose Frame View to preview all frames in the video. Tap on a frame to view it in full screen, then go to Menu(…) at the top right corner, choose Share or Save > Save Image to save the video frame to your iPhone. The exported frames will be saved as PNG images in the Photos app.

Export frames from videos on iPhone using ImgPlay GIF maker app