Factory Data Reset LG mobile phones

There is a feature for Android phones called Factory data reset which can be found in LG, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC and more Android mobile devices. The factory data reset allows users to revert their Android device back to its factory status without any personal data and configuration settings on the device. After factory reset on the phone, you will erase everything you have configured or downloaded, you will get a fresh start just like you buy a new phone. In this guide we will talk about how LG smart phone and tablets users can reset the LG devices to get a fresh start. If you are using a Samsung mobile, you can refer to this guide to reset Samsung Galaxy phones. The following instructions work for various LG devices, such as LG G2, G3, G4, G Flex, G Flex 2, LG Access, LG Ultimate, P970 Optimus, Realm, and so on.

When and why to perform Factory data reset on LG phones?

People do a factory reset on their Android phones for different reasons. For example, when you want to get rid of your old LG smart phone and worry about your personal data and privacy on the phone, you can reset your phone to erase all personal data on it. When your LG phone becomes two slow, hang up or freeze frequently, crashes a lot unexpectedly, you can also try to factory reset your phone . Note that factory data reset does not fix all LG phone’s problems, so do it only if necessary. Also factory reset can delete all your private data on the phone but it can’t prevent the data from being recovered. With a proper phone recovery software tool, you can recover erased data after factory reset on Android phones.

How to perform Factory data reset on LG mobile phones?

We have described what is factory data reset, when to use it and why you would need to factory reset your LG phone. If you have made up your mind to reset your LG phone or tablet, you can follow below instructions. Basically there are two methods to perform factory data reset on your LG mobile phone or tablet which is running on Android OS. One is the soft factory reset which is to reset your phone from its operating system, the Android OS. The other way is to use the hardware buttons of your LG device without entering the normal Android system on your LG phone or tablet. The factory reset through your OS on LG is the most frequently used way to reset your phone. Both of the soft and hard factory reset do the same thing in different ways. They both erase anything personal on your phone.

Factory reset LG mobile – soft reset

  • Turn on your LG mobile phone or tablet.
  • Open Settings app on your LG device.
  • Go to Settings >> Backup & reset >> Factory data reset
  • Go to confirm Reset phone >> Erase everything and you are done

perform factory data reset on lg mobile phone

Important Tips:
On the same screen where you can reset your LG phone, you also have the options to back up your phone.

  • LG Backup service – Backs up all information on the device and restores it in the event of data loss or replacement.
  • Back up my data – Set to backup your settings and application data to the Google server.
  • Back up account – Set to backup your account.
  • Automatic restore – Set to restore your settings and application data when the applications are reinstalled on your device.

Like we have mentioned above, factory data reset can help you fix many software or system problems, but it is not a safe way to erase data on Android phones. You can scroll up to visit the linked guide to recover data after phone reset. LG smart phone users, who do not have any backups, can still refer to this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from LG mobile phones.

The soft factory reset on LG mobile is easy to do. However you will find it does not work under some circumstances. For example you phone hung up or frozen, no response at all. For example you may forget your PIN or password or the unlock pattern so you are locked out of your own mobile phone. Sometimes your phone does not restore to its original condition after the Factory reset. For these scenarios, you need to perform a hard factory reset on LG phones using only the hardware button on your handset without the need to enter into your mobile phone system to reset it from the system settings.

Hard Reset (Factory Reset) on LG mobile phones and tablets

  1. Turn the LG phone off. Press power button and select “power off” or press and hold power key for 5 or 6 seconds, the LG phone will shut down.
  2. Press and hold the Power key + Volume Down key at the same time. Note on LG phones, these keys are usually on the back of the phone.
  3. Release the buttons when the LG logo is displayed, then immediately press and hold the Power and Volume Down button combination again.
    Alternatively you can also release the Power button only when the LG logo appears, then immediately press and hold the Power button again.
  4. Release all keys when the Factory Data reset screen is displayed.
  5. Press the Volume keys to highlight Yes, then press the Power key to continue.
  6. Press the Volume keys to highlight Yes, then press the Power key once more to confirm.
  7. Your device will perform a factory reset.

During the hard factory reset, you have to be fast. Some LG users find this does not work for the first time, you just need to practice a bit more in order to get it right.

How to delete personal files on LG phones?

You can also choose to selectively delete only those personal files on LG phones, such as Contacts, text messages, calendars, voice recordings, photos, videos, notes, call history and so on using third party data eraser program. Check out this tutorial to select and erase data on LG mobile phone. Instead of deleting all user files and apps, this solution allows users to select and erase a certain type of files from LG phones.

Update 2017: LG mobile phone data removal using third party program was added.

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