Factory reset Lenovo S890 mobile phone

Factory data reset can help you revert your smart phones to factory reset thus you can fix many problems or glitches on your phone and you can erase any personal data on the phone as well. Performing a factory reset on Android phones is a common way to erase your personal data before selling your old phone, trade in or recycle your phone. Although it has been proved that this is not a secure way to erase mobile phone, as it can’t prevent the deleted data from being recovered. You can see this guide for the instructions to recover mobile phone data after factory reset.

How to perform factory data reset on Lenovo S890?

From your home screen of Lenovo S890 mobile phone, tap on the Apps menu to open your apps list on the phone. Find and tap to open Settings on the phone.

lenovo s890 phone settings

Scroll down to locate the Backup & reset option at the Settings screen on your Lenovo S890. Open the option, you will see the Factory data reset. Make sure to back up anything your want before you proceed to perform factory data reset on the phone. As we have mentioned at the first beginning of this article, by reseting your phone, you will erase all personal data. The S890 offers you options in this screen to back up your data. In case you delete or lost photos and videos without backup, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo mobile phones.
factory data reset on Lenovo mobile s890Tap to open factory data reset on Lenovo S890. Now you will be prompted what will be happening on the phone by performing factory data reset on your mobile phone. This will erase all data from your phone’s internal storage including your Google account, system and app data and settings, downloaded apps, photos, videos, etc. Also you have another chance here to back up data before reset phone. If you have already backed up your phone or data, or if nothing you need to back up, tap on the Reset phone button at the bottom of below screen. Then confirm the action by pressing Erase everything. Wait a while for the factory data reset to complete and you are done.
reset phone and erase everything on lenovo s890