Factory reset Lenovo Vibe mobile phone

Do you own a Lenovo Vibe phone, like Vibe X S960, Vibe X2, Vibe Z, Vibe Z2 Pro? A factory data reset on your Lenovo Vibe phone can give you a fresh start. It can revert your phone back to its original status without any personal data saved on the phone, just like a new mobile phone. Sometimes when you found something severely wrong on your smart phone, you can perform a factory reset on your Lenovo Vibe to fix problems on the phone. A factory data reset is also the standard way to help you clear all personal data on mobile phone. Factory reset will erase all user data and reset all settings to the manufacturer default, including deleting all user-installed apps and restoring built-in apps, deleting photos, music, videos, documents, mail, etc. However recent technology has discovered this is not a secure way to do so. If interested, you can refer to this guide to easily recover erased mobile phone data after factory reset.

There are basically two different ways you can reset your Lenovo Vibe and other Android powered smart phones. One method is called the Soft Factory Reset and the other is called the Hard Factory Reset. Both of them will actually do the same thing to your mobile phone, but in different ways. Normally a software factory reset or factory data reset through the android OS is capable of solving most Android phone problems, thus in this guide, we will only discuss how to perform a factory data reset on Lenovo Vibe phone. If you like to know more about Android phone hard reset, you can refer to this guide: how to reset phone and erase data on Samsung Galaxy S6?

How to Reset Lenovo Vibe Phones?

Tap to open Settings from your Lenovo Vibe home screen or find it from Apps menu on the phone.

lenovo vibe mobile phone settings
Go to the System section and find Backup & reset option on your Lenovo Vibe phone settings.
lenovo vibe backup and reset settings
Tap to open Backup & reset on your Vibe smart phone, you can then find options to back up your data on the Lenovo Vibe phone. You can find the Factory data reset at the bottom of this list.
lenovo vibe factory data reset
Open the factory reset option on Lenovo Vibe, you will be taken to a new screen like below. Here you have another chance to back up your data on the mobile phone. If you have already backed up your important data or there is nothing you like to back up, go to the bottom of this Factory daa reset screen and tap on the Reset phone button to complete. Note that this will erase all data from your phone’s internal storage including your Google account, system and app data and settings, downloaded apps, photos, music, videos, email, etc. If you lost data on Lenovo phone without backups, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted photos, videos and more data from Lenovo phones.
lenovo vibe reset phone

Now you know how to reset Lenovo Vibe and erase all data like photos, videos, contacts, messages from Lenovo phones through factory data reset. This method adds another layer to your data safety on mobile phones. But it can’t help prevent your data from being recovered just we have mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. You can scroll up and check out the linked guide for more details. If you want to complete get rid of the phone and securely erase data on it, you can refer to this guide to erase data on mobile phones securely.


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  1. I did a factory reset on my lenovo vibe and a default email was required and I don’t know it because I bought a used one, how can do this. the first user is not around

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