File Date Changer for Mac

Each file and document saved on Mac has its date and time tags. Right click on the file, choose Get Info from the context menu, you can then find out the Created and Modified date and time of the selected file. Finder and other file managers also allow users to sort files by creation or modification date and time so you can quickly filter and locate the files and documents you want. If you send the files to others, say submit some business documents to your boss, partners, coworkers, you may not want they know these file metadata or info. Although you can manually set files to current date and time by creating a new file and copy content from the original file, this however is too difficult, and if you have many files need to change date for, it is really annoying and time-consuming. File Date Changer is such a productivity tool to let you quickly batch change the creation and modification dates of your files or folders on Mac at will.

File date changer app for Mac

File Date Changer features:

  • set file creation and modification dates to a specific date and/or time
  • add and remove time from existing file dates
  • copy existing creation dates onto the modification dates and vice versa
  • lift file creation or modification dates from existing files
  • remove file dates, so that they appear as “—–” in the Finder

File Date Changer 5 features an elegant and intuitive interface with many advanced features. Simply drag & drop the files you want to change into the file list, select an action from the popup menu and modify the settings to your liking, then click on “Perform Changes”.

Other Notable Features:

  • batch operation
  • powerful preview pane
  • support for macOS 10.14 Mojave Dark Mode
  • drag & drop into the file list or onto the application icon
  • select files in the Finder and activate File Date Changer via the Finder context menu or via a hot key
  • automatically deals with file date consistency rules
  • separate processing for files and folders, batch processing of sub-folders

MAC OS X Limitations on file dates

Please note that Mac OS X imposes a number of “common sense” rules when it comes to file dates and will not allow you to set dates to “invalid” values.

In particular, you cannot set the dates to future values (i.e. later than now) and files cannot be modified before they are created. File Date Changer 5 can automatically take care of these complications for you via the “automatically correct inconsistent dates” feature.

Also note that while File Date Changer will let you set dates before 1972, the Mac OS X Finder does not “like” such dates and as soon as you point the Finder to such a file, it will “correct” this date to the 1st of January 1972.

Download & availability

Buy this file date and time changing program on Mac App Store here.

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