Quickly find and clean junk files on Mac for Free

Junk files not only take up your precious storage space on Mac but also slow down your Mac. They can be created by various system utilities and user’s apps. You should clean up your Mac regularly to boost your machine’s performance. However these junk files are often difficult to find. It is time consuming to find them. What’s worse, it might not be safe to delete them. You may accidentally delete files that you aren’t supposed to. Cleaner One Lite is a free app provide us an easy and efficient way to locate and clear those unwanted junk files on Mac.

Scan and clear junk files on Mac

Download this free app from previously linked page in the first paragraph above or search for it on Mac App Store and install it on your Mac. Open it from the Launchpad or the Spotlight Search. One the left pane of the drive cleaning app, select Junk Files.

Cleaner One (Lite) for Mac - scan and delete junk files on Mac for free

Then click Scan at the bottom to start searching for junk files on your Mac. You may be prompted to grant it the access to your files on the machine if not yet. Allow it to scan your local files on Mac. Then wait a while for the cleaning program to locate those junk files depending on how much junk files sittings on your Mac. It can quickly find out all those unused disk images, browser caches, uninstalled application leftovers, app caches, mail caches and so on.

select, preview, delete junk files from Mac using Cleaner One Lite

You can preview the junk files before you delete them. Select and remove only those unwanted files from your Mac. Click Remove button from the bottom right to get rid of those junk files from your machine.

Find and delete big files from Mac

Most of the time, it’s not the tiny files that take up your precious space but it’s those large files, such as app installers, HD videos downloaded from the internet.

This app offers a very useful cleaning feature – large files cleanup. On the left panel of the Mac cleaning program, click Big Files, then hit Scan button to let it search all those large files on your Mac.

cleaner one lite - scan big files mac

The files will be then be listed below different groups according to the file size, 1GB to 5GB, 500MB to 1GB, 10MB to 500MB, etc. Open these categories to preview the files so you can decide which to delete. Also you can select to remove them to trash or instantly delete them.

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